Markey and Warren Throw Fellow Gun Banners Under Bus

Who knows better the privations, injustices, and dangers of life in the Black and Latino communities than their self-appointed privileged white Democrat champions? (Ed Markey/Facebook) “Several Mass. legislators sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Tuesday urging the office to investigate federal funding of a controversial audio gunshot detection technology, saying the […]

PSA ROCK 5.7 | A Handful Of 5.7×28

PSA 5.7 ROCK. All photographs by the creator until in any other case famous. The 5.7×28 is an fascinating cartridge. Developed initially at NATO’s request as a attainable substitute for the 9mm Luger for PDWs and pistols, it underwent just a few modifications, and I keep in mind studying about it at the moment. I […]