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Upgraded Ukrainian AK-47, SVD and PKM Firearms

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Ukrainian arms manufacturers released upgraded versions of AK-47 (AKM), SVD and PKM during Arms and Security 2017 exhibition held in Kiev, Ukraine in October. SVD and AK based rifles were introduced by Stiletto Systems and are called KSO-2008 and KO-016 respectively.

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The KSO-2008 (see the top image of this article) is said to be more accurate than the stock SVD. It is effective to up to 1000 meters with half MOA accuracy at 200 meters. The only obvious external difference is the design of the stock. The KO-016 is also accurized providing 1 MOA accuracy at 100 meters. It is advertised to be effective to up to 800 meters. The point blank range (on a 0.5-meter target) of the KO-2008 is 440 meters and for the KO-016 it is 350 meters.

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The PKM modernization was introduced by a company called Mayak. The gun is called KT-7.62. According to the company officials, the main advantage over the stock PKM is that they have increased the barrel life by applying additional special nitrocarburization surface treatment to the barrel.

Overall, the information on this firearms is very scarce. It would be interesting to know what design solutions they have incorporated into the first two rifles to increase the accuracy. As soon as there are any interesting details are available on any of these Ukrainian firearm upgrades, we’ll post an update.

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