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Tough-Wedge Holster – A Screwless Vehicle Rig from Dara Holsters

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Over the years, I’ve had a significant number of people ask me about how to keep a pistol in a vehicle that would be close at hand in an emergency. There have been a number of possible solutions including nylon rigs that attach to the visor, rigs that strap to the steering wheel shaft and hard shell rigs that screw into some part of the car or truck.

A lot of people seem to like the hard shell models, but do not want to damage their vehicle by screwing into the center console or kick panels. When a truck can set you back more than $50k, I can’t blame them.

Dara Holsters announced a new product that might be a good solution for some people. It is called the Tough-Wedge. It requires no drilling or seat rails.

The Tough-Wedge is a mounting system that slides between the seat and center console. It has an expandable air bladder that helps to secure it into place. At the end of the bladder unit is the company’s ball RAM mount that allows for the addition of one of its holsters. The system has a double ball and joint design to allow for a good deal of adjustment for optimal location of the gun.

These units can be ordered with a standard holster or with one with an RMR cutout.

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