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S&T Motiv Unveil K2C-2

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South Korea’s S&T Motiv (formerly Daewoo) have unveiled the next generation of their K2 rifle. Displayed for the first time at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX 2017) the K2C-2 is expected to enter production in the 2020s.

The K2C-2 is one of a number of updates to S&T Motiv’s catalogue, others include upgrades to the K3 light machine gun and the K12 GPMG as well as the K11 Dual-barrel air burst weapon (which combines a 5.56 rifle with a 20mm bolt action launcher).

ROKA Special Warfare Force c.2013 armed with K1A carbines (ROKA/Jeong Seung Ik)

The weapon is still very much under development and from the photo available looks to have changed very little externally. With the K2C-2 S&T Motiv have the future of the Republic of Korea’s Army in mind. The K2C-2 is said to offer greater modularity than the older K2 and K2C-1s currently in service. Little information on the new rifle is available but like the current K2C-1 the new rifle has a Picatinny top rail but retains a fixed rear and a folding integrated front sight. K2C-2 has an extendable and folding buttstock, and ambidextrous controls.

The gas operated K2C-2 will have a 16 inch barrel as standard with a 12-inch carbine version also planned to replace the 5.56x45mm K1A. You can check out S&T Motiv’s full small arms catalogue here, the K2C-2 is not yet listed. S&T Motiv believe that following successful testing the production of the new weapon could begin in 2021.

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