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Sin Arms SINISTER Muzzle Brake

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Sin Arms is a company located in Watertown, SD. They are specialized in precision shooting products manufacturing and services. Several days ago the company has introduced a new muzzle brake called Sinister.

The Sinister brake is made of 416 stainless steel. It is a .30 caliber brake and according to Sin Arms, it works great with .300 Winchester Magnum. They also claim it to have 25% more port volume compared to similar size brakes, which makes it more effective especially with magnum calibers. The ports of the brake are tilted by 5 degrees facing upward. This orientation of the ports allows the muzzle brake to also work as a muzzle rise compensator. The edges of the ports are radially chamfered to prevent catching on and damaging the clothes and equipment.

The Sinister brake comes with a lock nut which allows the end user to time his muzzle brake himself using basic tools. The brake weighs 5 oz. It is threaded for 5/8×24 tpi thread pitch, however, the company is working to introduce more thread pitch options. The 1/2×28 thread pitch will be the next and they may also offer it with 18×1 metric thread pitch. Sin Arms will also introduce it for larger calibers (namely a .338 version) in near future.

Right now the Sinister brake is available at an introductory price of $79.99 including the shipping. This offer will last until the December1, 2017. After that date, it will be sold at $99.99.

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