Should I Carry a Pellet Gun?

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Questions like “should I carry a pellet gun” would be treated as jokes before but not anymore. Pellet guns are not necessarily for kids anymore. 

There are still doubts over the potency of the pellet gun, though: should it replace your small .22 rifle? 

Definitely no. Nothing beats a bullet wheezing out of a pistol or rifle. This doesn’t negate the effectiveness of other weapons, however. 

Let’s check out some reasons to carry a pellet gun below.

Reasons to Carry a Pellet Gun

Open Carry

Openly carrying a firearm, or even its storage, in public or in a vehicle is prohibited in many states, but such restrictions do not extend to pellet guns. You can carry your pellet gun however you deem fit in most regions.


Unlike conventional rifles, pellet guns are quiet when discharged. There is no report outside where a pellet gun is immediately fired. This means that your location is kept hidden from small games even after firing at them. Meanwhile, some pellet guns come out of the box with a suppressor. 


A pellet gun costs much less than a normal rifle or pistol. It is also cheaper to maintain. Ammo acquisition does not cost much too, and you can carry it about without fuss. Your pellet gun will easily down games as small as a squirrel to ones as ‘big’ as an adult turkey. 

Does a Pellet Gun Deter a Criminal or Game?

I, for one, do not advise defending yourself with a pellet gun. However, situations may require you to. There are two reasons a pellet gun will scare away a criminal:

  • It is very difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference between a regular rifle & a pellet gun — particularly when you’re looking down the barrel. Note that even law enforcement officers can find it difficult to differentiate, too, so be explicit with what you’re carrying soon as you see them. You don’t want to be shot at because you’re carrying an air rifle.
  • It may not kill or lead to life-threatening injuries from a distance, but a pellet gun is unarguably very painful. Being shot with one hurts like a kick to the balls, and no one wants that. 

Configuration of a Pellet Gun

Pellet guns are available in 2 basic styles: the first is powered by a bottled Co2, and the other is powered by the air around you, which is compressed when you pull a lever on the gun. 

The latter works by featuring a spring that is compressed to drive in the piston — thereby firing a shot. The main disadvantage of this engineering is that the spring tends to weaken with continuous usage, so you may want to know how long the gun has lasted if you’re buying from a secondhand source. 

The other option, powered by muscle force, is more recommended for a survival situation. This is because it doesn’t depend on a non-renewable energy source to work. 

Pellet guns are also available as pistols & rifles. And did you know some of these guns can fire well over 1200 FPS? I advise a model with at least 550 fps velocity to be effective against little games.

So, Should I Carry a Pellet Gun?

Pellet guns can be devastating if they are fired at a target from close range. They can even kill, especially the ones with a velocity up to 1200 fps. I believe the answer to the question “should I carry a pellet gun” depend on the person asking. It can be effective in some instances, but it is always advisable to have your traditional rifle on hand too. 

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