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SHOT SHOW SECRET: B&T Set To Release USW-320

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Building on the success of their original Universal Service Weapon (USW) pistol, Swiss firearms and suppressor manufacturer B&T has designed a new polymer version based on the P320. Besides the modularity of the new USW-320, the frame itself is imported and sold as an uncontrolled part – meaning customers will be able to to buy it simply as a part or accessory and either add their existing P320 fire control group or purchase a new group through a licensed dealer.

Of course, prior to dropping a P320 fire control group into the USW-320 frame with a stock, owners will need to complete an ATF 5320.1 Form 1 – Application to Make an NFA Item – pay the $200 “making” tax and wait for approval. The upside of this process is that without the stock, the USW-320 with the fire control group is just considered a pistol that can be used prior to receiving your Form 1 and tax stamp. In addition, B&T has made the NFA engraving process easier by providing a suitable place for the required markings on the frame rather than directly on the fire control group. Maybe it’s time I updated our NFA Form Guides to help with the SBR process.

A complete USW-320 SBR will make for a compact personal defense weapon (PDW) suitable for short to medium range engagements. In time, additional accessories like compatible holsters that accommodate the folded brace will become available.

The USW-320 in both black and tan versions is set to be imported soon and on sale at B&T dealers sometime in March. Prices for the frame with stock included will be somewhere around $250. I predict these initial units will sell quickly, so keep an eye on your preferred dealer websites for any additional details.

All photos and video courtesy of B&T/B&T USA.

B&T USW 320

B&T USW-320

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B&T USW-320

B&T USW 320

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