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[SHOT 2018] What’s New From EOTech

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EOTech had quite the PR and legal fiasco last year but they’re moving forward and at the 2018 SHOT Show they announced their “Prestige Warranty”. From the image below taken at their booth, their new limited warranty will cover all of their current Holographic Weapon Sights and Magnifiers for 10 years.

They also claim that their new and improved Holographic Weapon Sights have an increased battery life.

eotech battery life

Also new is their Vudu 5-25×50 FFP scope that’s just 11.2″ in length and that EOTech claims is one of the shortest first focal plane scopes on the market. It will be available this summer and will have an MSRP of $2099, check out for more info.

New Eotech Optics

New Eotech Optics

New Eotech Optics

New Eotech Optics

Eotech green reticle

Also new from EOTech is their new line of XPS2 and EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sights with a green reticle. While green reticles are nothing new, it seems like more optics manufacturers are hoping on the green wagon from what I saw at SHOT Show 2018, the most notable being Holosun. I’m just glad they’re not doing the zombie shtick like a bunch of companies did back in 2012.

You can check out what their new green reticle looks like from their press release photo below that we published last week. EOTech claims their new green reticle helps with faster target acquisition and is 6 times easier to see in the daytime vs a red reticle.

After playing around with their two new Green series Holographic Weapon Sights it actually does seem easier to see compared to a red reticle, especially with my less than perfect vision. For those who aren’t eagle eyed or just want to be able to acquire their targets faster EOTech’s new green reticle seems like a solid option. Both models will be available soon, the Model XPS2 Green will have an MSRP of $665 while the EXPS2 Green is TBD. Check out for more info.

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