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[SHOT 2018] What do YOU want to see from SHOT 2018?

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The 2018 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoors Show is upon us! Over the next week, the TFB Team consisting of over 16 writers, and 4 videographers will be working our hardest (and fastest) to try and bring to you, our readership, some of the broadest coverage of SHOT Show 2018 that we hope we can provide the internet. We’ll be shooting new firearms at lanes on Media Day at the Range, climbing all over booths on the show floor, and quizzing sales representatives left and right about the latest and greatest for 2018. Days will be long, shoes will get worn through, gratuitous amounts of photos and videos will be taken.

But enough about SHOT. What do you want to see written about and filmed? What questions do you want asked? Which companies do you want us to grill? We can’t guarantee that we’ll get to every single one of the questions, but this post will serve as a forum for TFB writers to come back to and look through. We’ll try hard to get these questions out on Media Day, and more importantly on the show floor itself. Generic questions such as “What new scopes is Nightforce is coming out with?” will obviously and hopefully be covered throughout our posts on TFB and also on our Youtube channel TFB TV.

Colin took this photograph with me last time, neat dude!

I would also like to give special mention to three TFB writers that literally came halfway around the world to help cover the show. Hrachya from Armenia, Y-Man from Nigeria, and Erik B. from Sweden will be getting their first SHOT Show experience.

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