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[SHOT 2018] VG6 Precision Muzzle Brakes And Ti Suppressor!!!

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At Aero Precision’s Shot Show Range Day booth I got a chance to check out the new muzzle brakes by VG6 Precision.

Jayden has been working on his Lambda muzzle brake designed for PRS type rifles. Specifically .300 WinMag. The Lambda is a two piece muzzle brake design that does not require shims nor a crush washer. It is threaded 5/8×24 for common .30cal thread pitch. The collar is what allows it to time itself to the barrel. There are a few small holes that run along the circumference and these help to self tighten the Lambda while it is fired.

You can see the small hole just ahead of the threads.

The Lambda will be available in bead blasted finish and black nitride.

Next up is the 762 Epsilon. This one has been a long time coming. VG6 Precision had the 762 Gamma our for a while and now they finally made an Epsilon version.

VG6 is also coming out with a slimline Epsilon muzzle brake that will allow a standard gasblock to slide over the muzzle brake. I spoke with an Aero Precision representative and even though the Epsilon SL is narrower, you are not compromising any performance.

If you notice, there are no wrench flats on the SL. So it will come with the special wrench you see below. It basically rotates the SL by the tines of the flash hider.

The last muzzle brakes are the Gamma and Epsilon for 9mm pistol caliber carbine. They are only threaded 1/2×28 so you will need an adapter or pay someone to drive for you.

It has been a while but finally Jayden has developed a titanium user serviceable .30cal can. They will make other calibers but .30cal is getting more without lights.

The end cap is direct thread and will be not an interchangeable.

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