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[SHOT 2018] The RMR Revolution comes to Turkey: Girsan RMR mounted MC 28 T

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Girsan has added a Trijicon RMR mount to the companies 9x19mm MC 28 T, making it the countries first production handgun to roll off the line with a handgun optic mounted to the slide. It appears that the RMR mounted is a brightness adjustable Type 1 that can be turned on and off with the adjustment buttons on the left and right side of the device. Unlike the rest of the MC 28 line from Girsan, the MC 28 T has diagonal cuts in the slide, revealing what appears to be a fluted barrel underneath, and an extended barrel with what appears to be an octagonal muzzle crown. The crown doesn’t appear to be threaded for a suppressor or other muzzle device. Another difference is that this handgun lacks the manual safety present

Overall it appears that the MC 28 T was designed as a sort of economical race gun, with the lightening cuts, fluted barrel, and holographic sight. We weren’t able to get a word on MSRP as the Girsan booth is simply the Turkish company making the handgun, and not the importer into the United States.

One glaring issue with how Girsan is offering this setup is that the RMR is by itself, with no iron sights to back up the holographic sight if the batteries go down or it becomes ineffective. Where there should be a back up rear sight, there isn’t. And even if there was, the front sight isn’t suppressor height. Essentially there are very little options here to put back up iron sights on this pistol.

Another product new for 2018 was this digital Desert Tan finish that the company added to one of their 1911 offerings. It appears that Girsan went with a thinly textured pattern compared to usual digital patterns on digital finishes typically seen with other other firearms.

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