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[SHOT 2018] Springfield Armory Photo Tour of NEW Handguns

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Springfield Armory has been very busy in the last few months pumping out multiple new firearms for consumers. Everything from a small, carry pistol like the 911 .380 ACP up to the thunderous TRP Operator 10mm.

We at TFB have been on top of Springfield Armory’s product announcements one-by-one and have reviewed many of them already, but its SHOT Show time. So of course we had to swing by their booth at Range Day and shoot their firearms again because once or twice is just never enough.

So we present to you a photographic tour of all of Springfield Armory’s NEW handguns for 2018.

One caliber that Springfield Armory fans have been begging for for a long time is the 10mm. With the premium TRP Operator finally chambered for the powerhouse 10mm consumers have gotten their request granted. This pistol has an MSRP of $1,790.

911 .380 ACP

To give 10mm advocates even more range with this flat shooting caliber Springfield Armory introduced a TRP Operator with a 6″ barrel and an adjustable rear sight. The Octo-Grip stippling on the front strap paired with VZ Alien, Dirty Olive G-10 grips gives consistent control for those longer distance shots. This configuration has an MSRP of $1,842.

911 .380 ACP

In the summer of 2017, Springfield Armory ushered in a new series of 1911 pistols with their Range Officer Elites. Pictured here are the Range Officer Elite Target (Adjustable Sights, No Accessory Rail) and Range Officer Elite Operator (Accessory Rail, Tactical Rack Rear Sight). These Range Officer Elite pistols feature a Black-T finish and a thin line G-10 grip. The Range Officer Elite Operator retails out for $1,145 while the Range Officer Elite Target goes for $1,048.

911 .380 ACP

To balance out the size offerings of the Range Officer Elite series, Springfield Armory also serves up to consumers a Compact and Champion model which both retail for $1,030.

911 .380 ACP

Springfield Armory’s first offering of a hammer-fired polymer gun in the XDE was originally produced in 9mm. Now you can get it chambered for .45 ACP as well if you prefer. Both caliber choices have an MSRP of $568.

911 .380 ACP

An exciting new pistol that Springfield Armory has is the 911 .380 ACP. With G10 grips, a dual luminescent/night sight and Octo-Grip stippling on the front strap (just like the TRP Operator 10mm) you have a feature-heavy carry pistol that punches in at $599.

911 .380 ACP

The 911 .380 ACP is available in three different configurations of an all black frame and slide with a green grip; a black frame and stainless slide with a black/white grip; or a factory Viridian laser package. The bi-tone model retails for $599 and the Viridian laser package has a retail price of $789.

That rounds out all of the new handguns Springfield Armory will have out on the market for 2018. One handgun that either was not present at Range Day (or this goofy writer completely missed it, apologies in advance if that is true) is the XDS Mod.2 pistol. That is the 2nd generation or newest iteration of the supremely popular XDS and will be apart of Springfield Armory’s new handguns.

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