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[SHOT 2018] SAR USA K12 Sport & SAR9 Striker Fired Handgun

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Sarsilmaz is a Turkish Aerospace manufacturer. Among the many components they make, they produce parts for the F-35. They have started a new company called SAR USA to import and distribute their pistols.

SAR USA has some really cool pistols. The SAR9 looks like a Glock with a VP9 style grip.

Once you take the slide off, you can really see how similar it is to a Glock. According to the CEO, the SAR9 was tested before they had the fixtures for mass manufacturing and had a round count of over 300k rounds. They submitted the gun for some military testing and among three guns and over 90k rounds they only experienced 115 malfunctions.

The barrel is cold hammer forged and the parts in the slide are not molded in. You can remove everything from the frame. At range day I shot the SAR 9 and found it to be comparable to any decent striker fired gun. I did notice that there is a bit of creep in the trigger after reset whereas Glocks do not have as much creep in their stock triggers. On the range the magazines only had witness holes for 15 rounds but I was told that was a mistake. The SAR9 will come with a 17 rd magazine but 19rd magazines are coming soon.

But it was the K12 Sport that caught my attention. It looks like a clone of a CZ Shadow competition gun. The metal grip is what really catches the eye.

I shot the K12 out at range day and found it to be an extremely flat shooter thanks to the CZ shadow like design. Very low bore axis and the frame rails wrap up around the slide.The grip has a decent checkering pattern and an integrated flared mag well.

The K12 would be a fantastic pistol to shoot in Limited division in USPSA. The K12 will retail at an MSRP of just $749 and the SAR9 MSRP is just $499.

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