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[SHOT 2018] Ready SET Go-SAKO model 85 rifles with single-set triggers finally come to the USA

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Maybe they got sick of me asking

Every year, I have enquired to Beretta as to whether or not they will bring SAKO or Tikka models with single-set triggers or the triggers as accessories into the United States.  In previous years, the answer was always no.  Finally this year, the answer was yes!  The SAKO single-set trigger works by pushing the trigger forward to set after the rifle is cocked.  This function greatly reduces the pull weight when one then presses the trigger to the rear to fire the rifle.  In “unset” mode, the trigger works normally, and like many SAKO and Tikka triggers is adjustable from 2-4lbs.  The single-set triggers will be available in the following models:

  • SAKO Bavarian (All calibers)
  • SAKO Bavarian LH (.25-06, .270win, .30-06, 6.5×55, 7×64, 8×57, 9.3×62)
  • SAKO Bavarian Carbine (All calibers)
  • SAKO Classic (All calibers)

SAKO 85 Classic on the bottom

I have an older Steyr-Mannlicher in .30-06 with a double set trigger, and have used a Mauser with a double set trigger in the past.  I personally like set triggers on bolt action hunting rifles, but I know they are not for everyone.  It’s nice that this year Beretta USA is having them come to the USA as an option.  Note that the triggers are only available in SAKOs for now, no Tikka models are available with them in the USA as of yet.  For our Aussie readers: I wonder if Beretta will change their policy on set triggers in respect to your country as well.


Cocked and unset

Trigger cocked and set

I did get to try out one of their single-set triggers, as a display Bavarian Carbine in .30-06 was equipped with this trigger.  After running the bolt to cock the rifle, I pressed forward on the trigger, which traveled a very short distance to the “set” point.  A very slight amount (I would guess a bit under a pound but didn’t bring my pull gauge to SHOT) of pressure rearwards on the trigger resulted in a very crisp, clean break.  After asking and waiting for these triggers to come stateside, I may have to pick up a set trigger equipped SAKO this year.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Tikka’s to come so equipped next year-or even better, have the trigger available as a part one can order from Beretta.

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