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[SHOT 2018] Precision Armament aWash with New Technology

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With the launch of so many new AR15/AR10/PCC firearms and accessories at SHOT Show this year, there’s one company introducing a new accessory that would be easy to overlook…

Precision Armament brought 2 new types of washers to the show and I gotta say, I’m impressed!

Putting a little spring in your AK47’s step

Precision Armament’s spring washers sit inside a recessed lip on their M4-72 AK-47 Severe-Duty™ Compensator. The spring portion of the brake means offers “the required pre-load for a rock-solid fit and accurate alignment”.

The brakes fit most AK47s chambered in 7.62x39mm with a 14×1 LH thread pitch.

There Can Be only One

Not to be outdone, Precision’s accu-washer for their AR-15/MSR line is beyond comparison.

Stacked shims are sometimes difficult to align and can be unreliable. Peel washers can sometimes be overly-complex.

With the Accu-washer, you only need one washer. Because of the proprietary design, it maximizes accuracy from the brake while minimizing the chance for baffle strikes.

Better yet, one accu-washer will align up to 9 brakes before needing to be replaced!

Precision Armament AFAB and EFAB comp/hiders boast a recoil reduction of 50-55% with their washer/brake combo.

The AFAB comp/hider is Precision’s value model brake and is available now for $109 for the AR-15 only.

The EFAB comp/hider will work on any length barrel and is available now for $159 (AR-15) or $169 (AR-10).

Not to Be Outdone

Of course, there’s more to Precision Armament than just a few washers!

Their high-precision bolt knobs are textured (not smooth, in case you’re wearing gloves).

They also have ordnance-grade aluminum Picatinny rails for the Remington, Savage, or FN bolt action firearms, made from 6061 commercial grade aluminum) and recoil lugs.

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