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[SHOT 2018] Lone Wolf ‘Leaks’ New Technology – Puts Industry on Notice (and suppression?)

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Everyone knows how completely badass Lone Wolf is when it comes to ordering after-market parts and accessories for Glock.

From their custom slide cuts and accessories to their fantastic prices, Lone Wolf really set the standard for all of the things that Glock would do if it weren’t busy making Glocks.

At SHOT Show, Lone Wolf released some really awesome products (including several “hybrid” frames and an AR9).

But what you’re REALLY wanting to read is the exclusive on a new technology that they’re working on to really streamline just how awesome your Glock-style firearm can be.

Before we get to the juicy gossip, I wanted to talk about some of the other cool toys that Lone Wolf brought to SHOT. Most of them have been covered by my colleagues (like Nick C’s article on the 9mm PCC), but still bear mentioning.

Hybrid Firearms?

Lone Wolf’s new series of Glock-based firearms is just as cool as you hoped it would be. My personal favorite is the combination of the G26 frame and G19 slide, giving all of the compact sizes of the G26 on a more versatile G19 frame with an ambi magazine catch.

The best part? These are all Gen 1-5 compatible.

What this does to the holster industry is yet to be determined. (Can you imagine all of the new holsters that’ll need to be created now?)

Lone Wolf was creating the Glock 19X before there even was such a thing!


Also at SHOT, Lone Wolf finally gave us a look at their new PCC line and announced that the G9 is indeed going away.

As has already been covered, this is not your typical blowback system, but rather a short stroke pistol style gas system (not some crossover) with a rotating locked bolt. This will quieten and smooth out the action.

LWD says that its PCC production will be reliability-driven.

The lower actually fuses to the monolithic upper for added strength. Of course, these will work with any aftermarket AR15 trigger.

An additional point of interest is the lack of a muzzle brake on the 2 firearms shown in the photo below. According to LWD, the PCCs don’t need a comp or brake as the gas system will make the firearm perform “like a paintball gun”, eliminating the need for any type of muzzle device.

Of course, the PCC barrels will be threaded to allow for a brake or comp to be added if you like.

As these PCC ship, the gas system will be tuned by the factory to allow the firearms to run on ANY caliber-correct ammo – that’s on either the PCC pistol or carbine.

You can preorder the 45ACP version now, but it won’t begin to ship until February. 9mm will follow within the next couple of months.

Barrel lengths are expected to include a 16″ carbine at approximately $1175 or 10.5″ pistol version for around $900.

I’m most excited to get my hands on the 10mm version launching sometime this summer.

And now, for the news you’ve been waiting for.

TFB Exclusive – New Technology…and suppression?

When I asked my Lone Wolf rep what was coming up for the company that others may not know about, he gave me the skinny on something new that sent chills down my spine!

Y’know how you can order a pizza online and select the crust, amount of sauce, and various toppings right on the screen? Y’know how you can have the pizza delivered straight to your door, exactly the way you want it?

Guess what Lone Wolf is launching very soon??? The pizza version of pistol building!

According to my Lone Wolf rep, the company is launching a new website that will allow it’s users to 100% custom build their own Lone Wolf pistol from start to finish online.

The turnaround will be 1 day. Estimated time from creation to in your FFL dealer’s hands (for serialized parts) or to your door (for upper receivers only) is ONE WEEK.

Crazy, right?

Once the site launches, TFB will have the exclusive to go through and document the site from start to finish, showing you just how easy it is to order your own custom pizza…er, firearm.

LWD also casually mentioned that integrally-suppressed PCC, expected to launch closer to the NRA Show. Of course, we’ll keep you posted as we get access to more information.

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