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[SHOT 2018] Lethal Lace Changes Women’s EDC with Custom Holster

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What do you do when you’re a hard working nurse practitioner mother and wife, your husband is in law enforcement? Imagine, you’ve got 6 kids, and just don’t have the time to find a holster that will work with the scrubs you have to wear every day or any other outfit? With no business background, Mike and Tessa Renaud created Lethal Lace to solve that issue!

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The elastic waistbands of most scrubs wouldn’t support a typical OWB or IWB holster. And what woman wants some bulky holster around her midsection, anyway?

Enter the elastic non-firearm-specific holster from Lethal Lace that’s just as pretty as it is functional!

“The secret is the fabric”, says Tessa. “It stretches to accommodate any waistline. The lacy design makes it so you don’t FEEL like you’re wearing a holster. The elasticity helps to hold the firearm in place while the strategically placed clips ensure that the firearm is VERY secure.”

Due to the smart design, you can wear the Lethal Lace holster almost anywhere on your body!

Lethal Lace creates a concealed carry design that can be worn in multiple places on the body.

Putting the holster on is very easy. Tessa said that she needed to be able to put the holster on if her dog needed to be taken out, if she needed to dash to work, or if she was going out for date night with her husband Mike. So she created Lethal Lace to be easily worn under just about any type of clothing.

Even though this isn’t Tessa’s first year at SHOT Show, the fact that it took me walking past her booth 3 times at the show due to the crowd of women interested in her product makes me think that there’s greatness on the horizon for this ‘mom and pop’ shop!

Lethal Lace has also been featured on CNBC.

Lethal Lace founder Tessa Renaud shows how easy the custom holster is to wear.

Lethal Lace founder Tessa Renaud shows how easy the custom holster is to wear.

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