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[SHOT 2018] Kinetic Research Group’s New SOTIC Precision Rifle, Bravo Chassis, FOX-42 Semiauto 7.62, and Bushmaster ACR Accessories

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At the 2018 SHOT Show, Kinetic Research Group – known for their high quality chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3 rifles – displayed something totally new: A complete precision bolt action rifle they called the “SOTIC”, after the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, which is now called the Special Forces Sniper Course. The rifle is based partially on the TRG series, but comes equipped with a KRG stock and forend, and which can be upgraded with a larger forend that sports M-LOK slots and other mounting points.

Note that both rifles are missing their striker assemblies, as per SHOT Show safety regulations.

The FOX-42, KRG’s ongoing semiautomatic rifle project which dates back to the Magpul Massoud, also made an appearance at the Kinetic Research Group booth at the 2018 SHOT Show. The FOX-42 as it currently exists uses a hybrid gas system which couples a direct impingement gas tube which mates to a short tappet piston that impinges on the bolt carrier. The FOX-42’s development has continued for some time, but KRG’s representatives did feel there was light at the end of the tunnel, and that the rifle would hit the market soon. They did not think the FOX-42 would be cheap, however, and estimated a price tag well above $4,000. However, they did say they would try to reduce costs wherever possible, without compromising performance. The FOX-42 is initially intended to be a semiautomatic precision rifle, which puts the expected price tag into the normal range for weapons of that type. However, later other variants of the FOX-42 may be developed if the demand arises, which could reduce the price somewhat.

Before the FOX-42 arrives, however, we will likely see another product line arrive from KRG: Because the FOX-42 uses the same furniture and hardware as the Bushmaster ACR, KRG will be releasing ACR/FOX-42 stocks and other accessories to the market, much to the benefits of Bushmaster’s modular carbine. Two stocks were shown at the 2018 SHOT Show: A precision rifle stock, which we also saw mounted to the FOX-42, and a collapsible MP5-style PDW stock.

Finally, KRG is also introducing their new Bravo chassis, which is a more budget-oriented adjustable polymer chassis for the Tikka T3 and Remington 700. The Bravo features M-LOK mounting points on the forend, an adjustable cheekpiece, machine bedding, an aluminum backbone, and AICS magazine compatibility. KRG representatives did note that due to the geometry of the Tikka receiver, the Bravo chassis will not accept polymer AICS magazines. The Bravo will retail starting at $389.

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