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[SHOT 2018] Gun Guardian AR Grip Locking Device

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While cruising the new product area at the 2018 SHOT Show I spotted a new gun safety product from the guys at Gun Guardian. They call it the Trigger Shield, it’s basically a replacement AR-15 grip that can fold backwards then slide over the trigger and lock into place. It completely covers the trigger housing preventing any access to the trigger.

The Trigger Shield is deployed via a push button in the base of the grip. To actually lock the Trigger Shield into place to prevent anyone from accessing the trigger during storage (i.g. children) you have to use a small padlock or similar locking device looped through a hole in the Trigger Shield.

In addition to being a safety device, the Trigger Shield also reduces an ARs profile by 35% when in the locked position for easier storage and transport. It also attaches to the your AR with the factory grip screw for easy installation. The Trigger Shield will be available later this year for a retail price of $49.99. Check out for more info.

The Trigger Shield in the pistol grip configuration.

Deploying the Trigger Shield

It then slides over the trigger completely. To securely lock the Trigger Shield into place you have to loop a lock through the hole seen above at the base of the grip.

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