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[SHOT 2018] Franklin Armory New Binary Triggers and 6.5 Creedmore

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At the Shot Show Range Day, Franklin Armory had their latest toys out to play. Yes the new Reformation was there but that information will be coming soon in a different article. Let’s focus on the other products they brought out.

Franklin Armory has been been working with B&T to make a binary trigger for the GHM9.

“Our triggers go to 11”

Franklin Armory has also made a binary trigger for the Remington ACR. I wish they made one of the FN SCAR.

Both the ACR and GHM9 binary triggers run fast but they can have hammer follow and have a fai to fire malfunction.

Franklin is also releasing a 6.5 Creedmore and 6mm Creedmore in their Rifle Militia Series using the .308 Rifle as a starting point.

I did learn that Franklin Armory is collaborating directly with CZ USA to make a binary trigger for the CZ Scorpion. No word just yet on when that will be released.

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