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[SHOT 2018] Cerakote Works on a New Image

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At a time when every other firearms coating company strives to create exciting new colors and differentiate themselves from their competition, the guys at Cerakote decided to focus on something completely different with their new “imaging software”.

We have the technology

Put simply, the applicator will Cerakote as normal, program the software with the logo, image, pattern, or design you wish, and a Cerakote’s new imaging laser will alter the color already on the item to the specifications you’ve created.

No hydrodipping. No additional layers to spray. No partial curing.

In fact, Oakley sunglasses are vying to be the first to bring this new technology to market  on Cerakote’s behalf with a line of custom colors and patterns created exclusively for the company.

No word yet on when the Imager technology will be available, or if/when Oakley’s private line of glasses will hit the market.

However, John Hanson, Director of Sales for Cerakote, said that the company plans to have a full working Imager demo available at 2019 SHOT Show.

Total Blackout

In the meantime, Cerakote’s newest color Blackout, a “true” black, will debut in the first quarter of 2018 as part of their Elite series.

Their deepest, darkest black will be the latest addition to their Elite series and promises to be just as stunning as the rest of Cerakote’s existing colors.

Probably the most innovative of Cerakote’s offerings this year just even paint, but rather a paint-er.

We Can Make Him Bigger, Better, Stronger

What employer doesn’t want an employee who doesn’t sleep, eat, or call in sick?

The new Robotics Applicator from Cerakote promises to be all of that and more!

The arm that rivals 1970’s Lou Ferrigno strength and Ron Jeremy stamina can uniformly paint multiple items at a time with very little interference from humans.

Not to say that Cerakote is planning on replacing physical sprayers!

“If anything, were creating more jobs” Hanson explained. “We’ll need people to program the software, change or the parts, stand by if there’s an issue, and more.”

With only 10 of the robots currently on the market, your favorite local Cerakote sprayer isn’t going under anytime soon. (RenoCerakote owns 3, which is why their name appears on the side of the robot pictured.)

The $150,000 price tag certainly means the average hobby sprayer isn’t going to run out and set one up either. Granted, $51,000 of that is subsidized by Cerakote. 🙂

Add to the mix that the robotics program is only available to the highest volume sprayers by invitation only, and you can rest easy knowing your favorite local Cerakote applicator will still be available for years to come.

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