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[SHOT 2018] 3D Printed Silencers From Ellison Dynamic Concepts

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In the week leading up to SHOT 2018, I got an email from Matt at Ellison Dynamic Concepts with an informal invitation to drop by the EoTech booth to see their new 3D Printed silencers. Owning a suppressor made by additive manufacturing and fully believing that the process will permeate through the firearms industry in the near future, I was looking forward meeting the new manufacturers and getting a first hand look at the new suppressors. Luckily, Ellison Dynamic Concepts was also out at Industry Range Day, so I was able to get a live feel for the sound reduction from the new silencers.

First, let me be clear: although I own a 3D printed silencer and have shot and reviewed others, I don’t think it’s fair to compare results without a standardized process using scientific equipment. That being said, the Ellison Dynamic Concepts team was clear when they stated that their 5.56mm silencers reduced the sound signature to ~140dB on a 16 inch barreled AR15 when measured one meter to the right and one meter above ground level. Not exactly super quiet.

As I did with the majority of guns and silencers during Industry Range Day, I observed while someone else pulled the triggers. Using a 16” AR, both under cover and outside under clear sky, the report was subjectively loud. The sound reduction is on par with my 3D printed silencer on a 10.3” barrel. Again, an unscientific observation and definitely not a conclusion.

When asked about the visual similarities to the Delta P Design, the Ellison Dynamic Concepts team stated their silencer is both shorter and lighter than their direct competition. A review of one model’s specifications reveals a 0.2 length difference to the Delta P Brevis II silencer.

Pricing has yet to be finalized on the group’s new models, but the hope is to bring them to market under the $1K mark. I’ll be keeping an eye out for additional details as the Ellison cans come closer to a commercial reality.

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