Selecting the Perfect Scope for Your Handgun

Selecting The Perfect Scope for your handgun Image

Selecting the perfect scope for your handgun is a crucial part of your gun expertise. 

I know this may sound strange, considering that most people believe scopes are for rifles only. But are they? There are various kinds of scopes designed for certain firearms, although the objective always remains improved accuracy.

Using a scope with your handgun ensures that every shot you take is perfect. I am suggesting that you get a scope if you own a pistol you use for home defense, target shooting, or tactical applications. Let’s check out the buying guide to selecting the best handgun scopes.

Buying Guide for Selecting the Perfect Scope for Your Handgun

A good buying guide contains the factors to consider before selecting a product. This one addresses the considerations to make to ensure you buy the appropriate scope for your handgun.

Eye Relief

Eye relief refers to the distance that you have to keep to see your target through your scope. A scope with a long eye relief is preferable, given that pistols have quite the recoil, and they may cause an eye injury if looked into too closely when fired. As a starter, I suggest that you choose a model with some inches of eye relief. Keep this factor in mind as a deal-breaker or maker.


The levels of magnification of scope are very influential, mainly when the goal is to make every shot count; and every trigger pulls accurately. These levels differ from one handgun to another. Also, you’re choosing either a scope with variable or fixed magnification capability. By fixed, we mean a scope that cannot be adjusted, while a variable one always has an adjustable range (say 1x to 5x).


If there is a spec to never overlook, it has to be your scope’s potential durability. You want a scope that will last for years (decades possibly) and will manage all kinds of abuse, shocks & weather conditions perfectly. Select a scope that’s produced from high-quality aluminum. Also, you have to check if the scope is shockproof, waterproof, or fog-proof. These three words are vital to buying a durable piece.


This is mostly called the crosshairs. The reticle is the part of your scope that you target your game from. The reticle has to be pointed directly in line with your target whenever you pull the trigger. Whether you’re shooting at smaller games or going for a bullseye when you fire at a buffalo, your reticle has to be in line. 


The objective is the part of the scope that enhances your view of your target. This is the other, obviously larger, end of a scope. Apart from its primary function, the objective offers you a clear view of what’s directly before you. The objective has varying scopes — according to the gun. Note that a larger objective absorbs more light & enhances view more, making it ideal in low-light conditions.

Conclusion on Selecting the Perfect Scope for Your Handgun

Obviously, selecting the perfect scope for your handgun involves several considerations. You have to pay careful attention to the factors highlighted above if you don’t want to end up buying a scope that does not fit or one that wouldn’t last at all. Let’s hear from you: what’s your present handgun scope?

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