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Samson Manufacturing Magazine Well and Magazine Extension for S&W M&P9 SHIELD Pistols

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Samson Manufacturing has introduced two new products for the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield and M&P9 Shield M2.0 pistols. The new accessories are an enlarged and extended magazine well and a +1 magazine extension.You can see both products together in the top image.

The Magwell

Samson Manufacturing Compact Magwell extends the grip of the Shield pistols making it possible to have a full grip on the gun. Also, the flared magazine well makes the magazine insertion easier. This magazine well works both with the factory 8-round magazines and with the Samson Manufacturing +1 magazine extension. This is a drop in part with no gunsmithing or special tools required to install it. You can watch the installation process in the video below.

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The Compact Magwell is machined out of a 6061-T6 aluminum. It is available on the manufacturer’s website at $49.99.

The Magazine Extension

The Samson Manufacturing Carry Contour Magazine Extension is an aluminum +1 magazine extension for the above mentioned S&W pistols. It has machined concave surfaces to provide a gripping surface for your fingers. This magazine extension comes with its own retainer plate and works with the factory magazine spring. The company warns that the use of factory magazine butt plate catch with this extension may cause reliability issues.

The Carry Contour magazine extension is priced $27.99 on the Samson Manufacturing website.

Overall, I like the appearance of these parts especially when they are used together. It would be interesting to test the magwell and see how that attachment system holds up over the time.

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