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Rock Island Auctions Show Off Some Oversized Cutaway Training Models

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Rock Island Auction Company have uploaded a great little video taking a look at the surprisingly impressive range of cutaway training models they have available in their next regional auction.

The cutaway guns range from the US Army’s oversized demonstration models (including an M1919A4 and a BAR M1918A2) and standard size M1 Carbine cutaways to more artistically sectioned pistols.

Browning .30 cal M1919A4 medium machine gun model (RIA)

The model above demonstrates the inner workings of the Browning Model 1919A4 with red denoting where the cuts to show the action have been made. The demonstrator comes with a canvas ammunition belt loaded with 15 hard plastic dummy rounds which can be cycled through the action manually.

The auction also includes a pair of aluminium cutaway models of the M1 carbine and M1 Garand, which without their wooden stocks, were used to show troops how the weapons worked.

German revolver cutaway (RIA)

Imperial German 1879 Reichsrevolver cutaway (RIA)

Also available is a German single action Reichsrevolver, first adopted in the late 1870s, the pistol was woefully obsolete by the time of its adoption but it was simple and reliable and inevitably saw action during World War One. A series of cuts have been made into the revolver’s frame to view its springs and manual safety mechanism.

M1 Carbine cutaway (RIA)

M1 Carbine Instructional cutaway model 1:1 size (RIA)

A number of 1:1 size M1 Carbine cutaway demonstrator models are also available in the auction showing how the carbine’s action worked with the classic red paint denoting the areas of the action that have been sectioned.

Mauser C96 & Luger cutaways (RIA)

Chinese Mauser copy and Luger P08 cutaways (RIA)

The final two pistols that RIA’s Joel Kolander shows us are very interesting. The first is a Chinese copy of the Mauser C96 chambered, not in the usual 7.63x25mm or 9x19mm, but in .45 ACP, possibly a Shanxi Type 17. Complete with inert rounds glued in place. The second is a DWM-made Luger P08 pistol with a series of cutaway showing its working parts and its chamber.

You can check out the full video below:

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Rock Island’s February Regional Auction runs from the 15th February through to the 18th February, 2018. The auctions full catalogue is searchable here.

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