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Real Avid Smart-Fit Lower Receiver Vise Block

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Whether adding an ambi end plate, changing out the buffer tube, or installing an after-market trigger, the need for a SOLID foundation on which to perform even the most minute of tasks on your AR-15 lower is imperative. The developers at Real Avid have come up with a solution to ease all of your multi-caliber woes – the Real Avid Smart-Fit Vise Block.

Set it and forget it

The design of the Smart-Fit Vise Block is easy to use and adapts to even the most out-of-spec lower receiver. No more shims or devices shoved inside AR-15 magwells, just to make the lower vise block fit. The Real Avid Smart-Fit Vise Block takes care of that.

Simply insert the vise block into the magwell of your lower receiver, turn the orange base the bottom of the vise block and the “fingers” inside the magwell expand to give you the a more precise fit.

The lower remains snug while mounted to the block without slippage or wobbling due to improper fit. The knurled texture prevents slippage while mounting the lower to the block.

The Smart-Fit Vise Block ends unstable foundations for working on AR-15 lower receivers.

Upside Down, Inside Out

One unique feature makes this vise block so different. The armorer can invert the lower to work on a variety of projects while the lower receiver is upside down. Pistol grips, trigger guard installs are easier – all without having to grow an extra pair of hands.

The Pivot Lock actually holds the bolt open. Gain easy access to the chamber to clean the AR as well.

The Real Avid Smart-Fit Lower Vise Block for the AR-15 launches in February, 2018 with an MSRP of only $29.99. No word yet on whether an AR-10 version is in the works.

Real Avid brought a host of new tools and accessories for the AR-15 and AR-10 to SHOT Show 2018.

Real Avid brought a host of new tools and accessories for the AR-15 and AR-10 to SHOT Show 2018.

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