Properly Storing Your Firearm In Your Safe

Properly Storing Your Firearm In Your Safe Image

It can be surprising that properly storing your firearm in your safe is not as straightforward as you think. 

You don’t just store your firearm in a safe you’ve bought. There are critical steps that must be followed if you don’t want to bring out a rusty gun from the safe the next time you open it. 

Let’s see what these steps are.

Steps For Properly Storing Your Firearm In Your Safe

Remove Moisture From Gun Safe

Isn’t it ironic that the safe meant to safeguard your gun can damage it? 

The worst enemy of your firearm is rust. It will corrode your gun with time and destroy bluing too. But what could cause rust to a gun in a safe?

Well, moisture causes rust, and gun safes come with some. It is therefore imperative to remove moisture before using your safe. 

An effective way to remove moisture is through a dehumidifier, an electrical device that removes moisture automatically from the air. It functions like a vacuum: sucking in the air, removing the moisture into a collection tank, and blowing the air back out. Set a reminder to use the dehumidifier every month to check for the water tank and the battery life. 

Use Gun Oil

Gun oil is great stuff. It does various things that will cause your firearm to last much longer. Some of these are:

  • Upholding the gun in extreme conditions;
  • Decreasing adhesion of abrasives like sand and grit;
  • Preventing the formation of rust by avoiding the formation of moisture. 

You can opt for the multipurpose CLP, which cleans, lubricates, and protects. If you would rather not, then Rem Oil remains dependable. Whichever your choice is, stay away from WD-40. It turns yellow too quickly due to oxidation. 

Avoid Contact With Metal

Your pistol or rifle is sensitive at the barrel, or whichever part of it is metal. It hates you touching it before storing it. Why? For a start, your hand is oily, and I’m not talking of Rem or CLP. What I mean is that body oils destiny metal. The only reason you don’t know that would be because you’ve not been storing your gun immediately after holding the barrel.

Storing your gun after holding its barrel will leave rusty fingerprints on it if left in storage for long. You should avoid this by wearing a pair of gloves. 


The purpose of setting a reminder with your dehumidifier is so you don’t have to check your gun regularly without a schedule. So when the alarm you set rings, check the battery life and water storage of the dehumidifier to know if it needs maintenance.

Then proceed to open your safes and inspect your guns. If you have time on your hand, inspect accessories like red dot sight and night vision optics. If everything is okay, return them to their place and set a reminder again. Do not forget to wear gloves. 

Conclusion On Properly Storing Your Firearm In Your Safe

Properly storing your firearm in your safe is important if you don’t want the cash you’ve invested in gun storage to go to waste. Follow the simple steps below for optimum results. Do you have any questions?

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