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Practical Rimfire Challenge – “Know Your Limits”

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As a variant of the Precision Rifle Series, people are discussing a Practical Rimfire Challenge.

Instead of using large calibers like in PRS, the Rimfire Challenge is primarily 22LR.

The aim is to challenge shooters with targets between 10 to 300 meters. And of course, the shooting positions should be challenging as well. In fact, as the recoil is negligible, the shooting positions could probably be even more challenging if anyone wanted (shooters don’t).

The benefit is that is much easier to arrange such a competition or “challenge”, and the costs will be much lower for most of the shooters.

Some may frown upon the 22LR caliber and its limits, but once you’re behind the scope and the trigger this is quickly forgotten.

A friend of mine spent some time in his garage and welded this target array, for a “Know Your Limits” challenge.

Target array built by Mr. Martin Cullberg.

Notice the 22LR hits on the steel. The smallest “steel” is 6 mm.

The basic idea was for two or more shooters to know their limits. The largest steel is 60 mm. The smallest steel 6 mm, only just a bit larger than the actual bullet itself!

You start with the largest steel and move your way onto the smaller ones. If you miss you lose all your points and you know your limit!

The distance should be around 50 meters, but there’s nothing that keeps you from doing it from a shorter or longer distance depending on the equipment and skills.

As part of my training for the IPSC Mini Rifle National Championship (finished 2:nd) I trained with this target array from around 15-20 meters, standing.

I used my JP Rifles NC-22 with a Swarovski Z6i 1-6x and was able to hit all targets but the smallest. As it was a semi-automatic I did use more than bullet per target a time or two.

I also tried shooting prone with bipod from 50 meters and was able to hit all steel. Great fun, when you hit the target spins a few times around the axis and resets.

It’s also great to test if you’re rifle is zeroed. If you can hit the smallest targets at 50 meters you know you’re about dead on.

The smallest target was really difficult to see, even with magnification, as there’s typically stones etc. in the background which are larger or about the same size.

This target stand cannot be bought, see it as inspiration. I wish I had a suitable range behind my house for this.

I found this Rimfire Target Package which should be close, unless you want to DIY like the one pictured.

You can another one here, very like the one pictured in this article. KYL Targets.

Don’t disregard 22LR, I had a lot of fun shooting these targets.

Here’s how it could be done…

[embedded content]

…and at longer range. Great through-the-scope footage.

[embedded content]

What’s your limit? Any wagers?

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