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POTD: ISAF Einsatz Snipers with Barrett M82/M107

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Today’s Photo is ISAF Einsatz in Afghanistan with their G82 / M107 sniper rifle in .50 BMG.

ISAF stands for International Security Assistance Force, and was a was a security mission led by NATO in Afghanistan. The Force was established by the United Nations Security Council.

In Germany, the M107 is used and designated as the G82. The M107A1 is used under the designation G82A1, very logical for once.

The Barrett M82 was developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company, and standardized by the US Military as the M107.

The M107 is recoil-operated and semi-automatic, chambered in .50 BMG or 12,7×99 mm NATO.

Below: Sniper with the sniper rifle G82 when firing from a position in Afghanistan in 2010. Unless you like to clean your magazine from dust, I would suggest you keep it well hidden from the muzzle brake.

Sniper and spotter getting a tan.

All photos were taken by the Bundeswehr / Walter Wayman.

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