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NEW: Badger Ordnance Modular Condition 1 Safety Selector & M-LOK Mounting Rails for Bolt-Actions

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Badger Ordnance has two pretty unique products that came out this year that will suit black gun enthusiasts as well as bolt-action rifle shooters. One is a Condition 1 Safety Selector for AR-15s while the other is an M-LOK Rail that can be inletted into bolt-action rifle stocks to allow for the addition of M-LOK accessories.

badger ordnance condition 1 safety selector

Badger Ordnance‘s Condition 1 Safety Selector is unique because of its simple, modular design. This semi-auto safety can be setup for multiple functioning situations:

  • Single-Sided
  • Ambidextrous
  • Right-Hand
  • Left-Hand
  • 60° Throw
  • 90° Throw

The Condition 1 Safety Selector is made from 4140 Steel and finished in a Black Nitride coating. The pieces have a bright red enamel indicator for easy visual recognition while shooting. The Condition 1 Safety Selector kit will come with a Long Strong Side Lever, Short Weak Side Lever and a Weak Side Cap for single sided use. This kit should fit any M16/AR-15/AR-10/SR-25 pattern rifle. At this time, Badger Ordnance does not have a publicly stated MSRP, but that should be coming in the near future.

 badger ordnance M-lok bipod rail (mbr)

Another intriguing component Badger Ordnance will have available for consumers is their M-LOK Bipod Rail (MBR). This 6-slot or 2-slot rail can be inletted into any fiberglass or carbon fiber stock to allow for the addition of M-LOK accessories such as bipods. This rail is made from 7075 T6 Aluminum and is Type III Hard Coat Anodized in Black.

  • 6-Slot M-LOK Rail | 9.83″ | 2.2 Ounces
  • 2-Slot M-LOK Rail | 3.53″ | 0.9 Ounces

This piece will require gunsmithing and if you want it to turn out well (not only in appearance, but also function) you should bring it to a competent gunsmith to install. Shadetree mechanics can sit this one out.

This piece will give traditional bolt-action rifle shooters the modularity of a chassis rifle in classic style stocks. The MBR, like the Condition 1 Safety Selector, does not have an MSRP for the public at this time. Expect that to become available soon.

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