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MBX Extreme MINI and MEGA Glock Magazine Extensions

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MBX Extreme has introduced two Glock magazine extensions (Mini and Mega) designed for pistol caliber carbines. The main market for these products is the competition shooting community, but of course, they can be used for any other use, too.

The Mega extension increases the capacity of the 33-round magazine to up to 57 rounds, and the Mini – to 47 rounds.

These extensions are CNC machined of 6000-series aluminum. The baseplate is made of stainless steel. The new springs are made by Wolff Gunsprings according to MBX Extreme’s specifications. Both extensions fit factory Glock or ETS 9mm magazines. There is also a window cut on the rear wall to allow quick visual reference of the remaining amount of ammunition.

In order to install these extensions, you need to disassemble the Glock magazine, slide the extension on the base of the magazine, then insert the new spring from the bottom of the assembly and secure it with the stainless steel baseplate. Slightly chamfering the inner edge of the base of Glock magazine will help to ensure smooth cycling of the spring and ammunition stack.

For more information on the installation process watch the video below:

[embedded content]

Both extensions are available in black or red color options. The Mini costs $59 and the Mega’s price is $69. They are available on MBX Extreme’s website.

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