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JUST OUT: The Sig Sauer 2018 Catalog Featuring the P320 M17

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Almost a year to the day that the Army MHS contract was awarded to the P320, the Sig Sauer 2018 Catalog is highlighting the consumer availability of the M17 pistol. This years lineup also includes numerous new pistol, rifle, optics and accessory models, some of which are outlined below. For a detailed review of Sig’s upcoming products, make sure to hit the link for the full version.

I’m really looking forward to getting some hands on time with the classy P210 pistol, the SUR 300 Suppressed Upper Reciever for the Virtus line, and of course the recently announced Rattler with a pistol stabilizing brace. The optics-ready P226 Legion looks really slick as well.

Screenshots of my favorites are posted below with some basic specifications. Stay tuned for more product announcements from Sig Sauer as we roll into the 2018 SHOT Show in just a few days.

The Sig Sauer 2018 Catalog



After one of the most rigorous and highly competitive reviews in the history of military firearms, SIG SAUER Inc. was awarded the Modular Handgun System contract with a P320-based platform, the new U.S. Army M17. This award makes it the U.S. Army’s first replacement sidearm in over 30 years. The Army selected the P320 based platform because of its uniquely innovative modularity, uncompromising performance and unmatched capability.

The U.S. Army’s selection of the M17 officially cements the P320’s place in the historical record of the world’s truly influential weapons as it enters service with America’s current and future armed forces across the globe in the defense of freedom.

Sig Sauer 2018

Sig Sauer 2018

Sig Sauer 2018


Optimized for the 300 Blackout cartridge, the SUR300 starts with a 6.75” barrel with a permanently attached 19 baffle titanium suppressor pinned and welded to it. Capable of firing both super sonic and subsonic ammunition, the SUR300 delivers an accurate drop-on upper compatible with both SIG MCX® and standard AR15 lowers.

The ROMEO5 Red Dot Sight mounts on any platform, and is as tough as it is small. The solid, lightweight aluminum design will give peak performance and years of service, making it a trusted companion for men and women in the US armed forces and responsible citizens alike.

Thanks to J.D. for the tip!

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