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Is Iran Copying Glock Handguns Outright?

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In 2007 the Iranian government was approved by Austria to import 30,000 Glock handguns (unspecified type) amid considerable political controversy that also saw maneuvering against Steyer from the United States. Which was then at the height of the insurgency in Iraq (of which Iran was covertly supporting some of the insurgency). Since then, Iran has attempted numerous indigenous polymer framed, striker fired handgun designs such as a Walter P99 copy known as the M9-02, in addition to a simple attempt at a Glock copy known as the “Raa’d”. However, recent photographs have come to our attention that shows an increased Iranian interest in the Glock platform of handguns. IPAS 2016 had numerous Glock handguns on display, specifically the 17 and 19 models.

Below is a brochure specification page for a Glock 17. Note that the photographs appear to be stock images from the internet, and are probably not of any actual handgun in Iran-

And a similar page for a Glock 19, the title simply reading “Pistol Glock 19”

With a Model 19 actually on display as well-

These photographs are almost a year old, almost making them non-newsworthy. However, this photograph has been circulating on various Iranian social media and image sharing websites since at least September 2017. It shows what appears to be an Iranian member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, specifically the Basji unit (unconfirmed), firing what appears to be a modified 9x19mm NATO Glock 19.

Notice the pattern of ejecting shells and the rear slide plate that appears to be a fully automatic modification, consistent with the close proximity of the shells. They would probably be further apart if it were a standard Glock 19.

As an example from Youtube for comparison, a standard Glock 19 being fired rapidly-

[embedded content]

And a fully automatic one-

[embedded content]

The question remains though, is the Glock 19 being fired by the Basij fighter and the Glocks at IPAS 2016 made in Iran, or are they apart of those 30,000 purchased in 2007, or even a more recent order?

In addition, we have this Iranian article and this image. The article is from 2015 and mentions the production of a handgun similar to the oddly constructed Thunder handgun mentioned in the initial paragraph. And interestingly, although we have few details to work with, it would appear that the Glock logo on the grip and the markings on the slide don’t appear to be there at all.

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