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Haste, Chase and Rush: AR Lasers from Bushnell

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Bushnell expanded its sighting options for the AR style rifle this year with the addition of three new laser sights. These sights are part of the company’s AR Optics line. The new laser sights are called the Haste, the Chase and the Rush.


The Haste is a combination of forward grip and laser aiming unit that is designed to mount to the underside of the hand guard. It attaches to any Picatinny type rail and is waterproof. According to the company, it is legal for use on AR pistols in addition to rifles.

A side mounted button activates the constant on laser beam. Bushnell offers the Haste with either a red or green laser.


Bushnell designed the Chase as a two in one sight. It mounts on top of the rifle – either at the muzzle end of the hand guard or on top of the gas block – and has a built in laser. Additionally, it has a flip up front sight. As with the Haste, this laser can be purchased either as a red or green.


Rush laser

The Rush takes a different approach to the other lasers. This unit is a high rise mount for an optic with a laser that is offset to one side. It is waterproof and can be purchased as a red or green constant on laser.

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