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Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) Continues to Carry Airsoft Realism & Quality to Unprecedented Heights

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When it comes to airsoft more and more consumers are looking for weapons that resemble their real firearms. Whether it is the functionality, realism, weight, balance or being the actual brand that they own. People are wanting to have available to them as close to the real thing as possible. If everything that I just stated applies to you, then you should truly be looking at none other than Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG).

Evike not only touches on the incredible realism that shooters desire, but they are also giving you the brands you already own. Evike, for example, is the exclusive North American distributor of Kriss Vector airsoft rifles and pistols. They also have licensing to produce a multitude of others with a short list of popular brands being as follows:

  • Daniel Defense
  • Sharps Bros
  • Seekins Precision
  • Kriss USA
  • Salient Arms International
  • Hudson Manufacturing
  • Black Rain Ordnance

Two key brands that Evike are able to employ and work in conjunction with are Black Rain Ordnance and Hudson Manufacturing. Black Rain Ordnance is a key partnership that Evike Manufacturing Group has struck because they cerakote a LOT of the airsoft firearms they produce. Hudson Manufacturing is also a vital partnership because they are so popular within the industry.


Speaking with the folks from Evike, they said they look forward to SHOT Show every year because it provides the opportunity to strike unique joint ventures like the one recently made with Hudson. Also, it affords them the ability to showcase to the gun community how realistic their products are in functionality and weight.


Often show-goers will come by their booth and handle their airsoft products for 10-15 minutes and finally ask, “What caliber is this?” Evike often responds with a smile, “Well, its an airsoft rifle.” That is when minds become blown and is one of the best compliments their company can receive.


Another feather in Evike’s hat is they have produced the only 100% ambidextrous rifle with their Falkor Defense model. This is huge because it allows for a significant portion of the market to train and shoot with their dominant shooting hand and no altered manipulations of the functions.


Aside from the exclusive partnerships and licenses, Evike catalogs over 45,000 SKUs of products available for consumers (not a typo; that is truly a tremendous amount).


So whether you are looking for a simple gas-operated training rifle or something as flawless, fluid and realistic as their electric models, Evike will have an airsoft firearm for you within their 45,000 products.

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