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Details of New Berlin Police Pistol Contract Emerge

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Back in December 2017, we reported that Berlin Police selected the Heckler & Koch SFP9 TR as their new service pistol. The new pistol will replace the ageing SIG Sauer P6 (P225) that was adopted back in the 1970s.

The contract for the Landespolizei Berlin’s new pistols was awarded on 11th December, with 24,000 pistols ordered. Like the P6 the new pistols are chambered in 9x19mm, however, the weapon’s capacity nearly doubles from 8+1 to 15+1. The SFP9 has ambidextrous controls and improved ergonomics but the TR (German ‘Technische Richtlinie’ or Technical Specifications) variant has a longer, heavier trigger pull with a longer reset to comply with police guidelines. As a result the trigger pull is between 6.7–7.9lb and travel is 11mm (0.4in).

Berlin Police cadets training with P6 pistols (Rainer Jensen/dpa)

Further details of the contract have emerged, we now know that Heckler & Koch’s was one of 5 manufacturers to submit offers for the contract and that the Oberndorf-based company won out based on the price of their bid. The 24,000 pistol contract is worth 3,093,852 Euros or approximately $3,781,986. This contract will re-equip all 16,388 of Berlin’s police officers. This, however, is split between an initial order for 10,000 guns, with 2,000 to be delivered each month, while another 14,000 weapons can be optioned along with a further 1,000 magazines. 450 sub-compact SFP9 SK pistols have also been ordered for non-uniformed officers that need a sidearm which is concealable.


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