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Bond Arms Semi-Auto Bullpup 9

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Bond Arms has long been known for their derringer-style pistols. Though diminutive in size, they still pack a punch. That’s why the Bond Arms Bullpup 9 is such a break-from-the-norm for the company.

This year at SHOT Show, I got to talk to the owner of Bond Arms, Gordon Bond.

What’s On the market now

Bond Arms already has an impressive line of derringer-style pistols in 36 different barrel configurations consisting of 16 different calibers that are interchangeable on the same frame.

The patented rebounding hammer and locking lever system make for one consistent, reliable firearm – especially for campers and hikers.

The Bullpup 9 is where Bond breaks from the norm.

well, That Doesn’t Look Like a Bullpup

The Bullpup 9 is Bond Arms’s first contribution in the semi-auto realm.

The secret to it’s function is the Howitzer-type loading mechanism.

The definition of a ‘bullpup’ is that the magazine and action are located behind the trigger. Researching Bond Arms and it’s products before the Show, I found the animation on Bond’s website to be extremely helpful in watching the way the pistol actually functions.

Gordon warned that Bond Arms is only making 150 per month of the Bullpup 9 and that sales have been very strong. MSRP for the Bullpup is $1099.

Bond Arms Bullpup 9

Bond Arms Bullpup 9

What’s Next for Bond Arms?

When I asked what was coming down the pike for Bond Arms in 2018, Gordon already had the answer ready for me – he handed me a suppressor.

Still in the production phase, the suppressor will work with the Bullpup 9 and looks like it’s going to take an already fun little pistol and make it…funner.

Gordon expects the suppressor to head to market in the summer of 2018. No MSRP is available yet.

Bond Arms Bullpup 9 and suppressor prototype

Bond Arms Bullpup 9 and prototype suppressor

Do You Feel Lucky?

Bond Arms wasn’t content with bringing only one new item to SHOT. Gordon then handed me the “Do You Feel Lucky” .44 Magnum they’re currently working on.

This Mag-na-ported derringer will have the same interchangeable frame as the other derringers that Bond is known for, but will be slightly ‘beefed up’ to accommodate the change in caliber size. Bond Arms hasn’t issued an ETA or MSRP is available on the .44 Mag yet. (The full .44 Mag photo can be seen at the top of this article)

Bond Arms Do You Feel Lucky 44 Magnum

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