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Advanced Holster offer Modular Holster for the Hudson H9

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With the first Hudson H9’s finally shipping Advanced Holster have introduced a new modular holster for Hudson Mfg’s pistol. The H9’s unusual frame shape narrows the available holster choices and Advanced Holster are one of the first manufacturers to enter into the market. Others include Two Fools Leather Goods, Blade Tech and MTR Custom Leather – all of which have been recently showcased on Hudson Mfg’s instagram feed.

AMS-H9 Holster (Advanced Holster)

The AMS-H9 is part of Advanced Holster’s Adaptable Mounting System (AMS) line and “the first in a variety of holsters that we will be offering for the Hudson MFG H9 Pistol.” The AMS-H9 is an outside-the-waistband holster made from Kydex. It comes in a number of colour options including standard black, coyote brown, gunmetal grey and OD green.

The holster is modular in the sense that is can be used with multiple mounting options including platforms from Safariland, G-Code’s RTI Hanger, and Blade Tech’s Tek-Lok. Right and left draw holsters are available with the standard black holster costing $69.99 – $79.99 for the other colours.

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