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  • Selecting The Perfect Scope for your handgun Image

    Selecting the Perfect Scope for Your Handgun

    Selecting the perfect scope for your handgun is a crucial part of your gun expertise.  I know this may sound strange, considering that most people believe scopes are for rifles only. But are they? There are various kinds of scopes designed for certain firearms, although the objective always remains improved accuracy. Using a scope with […] More

  • Selecting the Best Scopes for 30-30 Lever Action Rifles Image

    Selecting the Best Scopes for 30-30 Lever Action Rifles

    Selecting the best scopes for 30-30 lever-action rifles has to be carefully done. And I think it’s a decision every one of us will have to take at one point throughout our lives. This is because the 30-30 lever action is one of the most popular rifles ever, thanks to the fact that it remains […] More

  • Fixing the Commonest AR-15 Failures Image

    Fixing the Commonest AR-15 Failures

    Fixing the most common AR-15 failures does not have to be difficult. But, first off, shit happens regardless of the trigger you’re pulling. Everything fails — be it levers, handguns, bolt-actions & even almighty revolvers.  Today though, we’re focusing on the AR-15. The ArmaLite is one of the most innovative firearms in the world. But […] More

  • Best Online Marketplaces for Magazines Image

    Best Online Marketplaces for Magazines

    A firearm shopper who knows his onions well would go for these best online marketplaces for magazines 10/10 times instead of shopping with the local dealer. Why? Buying online trumps buying offline, no doubt. Here’s why. Why Try Out These Best Online Marketplaces for Magazines? For a start, the internet offers a nearly inexhaustible array […] More

  • using steel wool when SHTF image

    Using Steel Wool When SHTF

    Using steel wool when SHTF is not exactly one of the top ideas to conceive. I mean, you could have steel wool somewhere at home without even knowing that it could save your life one of these days. Despite that it’s been around for hundreds of years, the survival uses of steel wool are still […] More

  • community and law enforcement

    The Importance Of Community-Law Enforcement Relations

    In order to provide and maintain both the public’s safety and effective policing, the relationship between community and law-enforcement must consist of both healthy relationships and trust.  In an effort to better perform their duties, many police agencies rely on the public to provide critical information about any type of crimes that are committed in […] More

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    The American Patriots with Guns

    In 1791 fifteen Dec, ten amendments on the U.S. Constitution – ultimately referred to as the Bill of Rights – have been ratified. The next of them said: “A properly regulated Militia, being required to the protection associated with a Free State, the proper of the individuals to stay and bear Arms, shall not be […] More

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    US Army Awards General Atomics a Contract to Develop Railguns

    This article was originally posted on On March 1st, 2018 General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) has announced that they have been awarded a US Army contract through the Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC). The contract will allow the General Atomics to evaluate and develop electromagnetic railguns. This research will be accomplished in support of the U.S. Army […] More

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    Handcrafted Precision Rifles from MPR

    This article was originally posted on Medwell Precision Rifles (MPR) a British company, has used the IWA Outdoor Classic International Trade Fair in Nuremberg, Germany to introduce their two new high performance precision rifles, the Vanquish and Wraith. MPR boasts that the Vanquish and Wraith rifles are handcrafted with bespoke finishes, made to order and […] More

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    Century Arms Goes Small with a C39V2 Pistol with Shockwave Blade

    This article was originally posted on Century Arms has achieved a lot of adulation for their C39V2 AK-47 rifle. Now they are ushering this into the world of pistols with the introduction of the C39V2 Pistol with a Shockwave Blade. The stout power and compact package that this will provide for AK enthusiasts makes it perfect […] More

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