Will This Be Our Last Fourth of July Independence Holiday?


Marxist (politicians/media/academia) seek to disarm all Citizens, eliminate all National Holidays, topple Monuments, and remake our Flag!

New York – -( America’s Neo-Marxists’ and Neoliberal Globalists’ campaign endlessly and mercilessly to destroy a free Constitutional Republic and a Sovereign American people. Their ignominious design is multifaceted.

One facet involves denigration of, renaming of, rebranding of, misappropriation of, or outright elimination of American’s cherished National and Religious Holidays: Columbus Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, President’s Day, and Christmas.

Concomitantly these Marxists have created or seek to install a set of fake holidays, replacing traditional ones with idiotic surrogates, including “Juneteenth” (which they succeeded in installing), along with May Day, Earth Day, Indigenous People’s Day, and so forth and so on. For a longer list, see, e.g., the website, “war on press.” See also, the article on the website, “state symbols usa.”

Even relatively minor Holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, are under the gun meeting with constant Marxist-led derision, as being incompatible with the nightmarish reality Marxists and Globalists intend to impose on Americans.

In fact, use of the very words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ may one day become obsolete and forbidden because Marxist Democrat Party leaders maintain they aren’t “gender-neutral.” Only gender-neutral verbiage will be allowed in the Bizarro world of these Democrat Party Marxists. Fancy that! See “msn news article,” citing Washington Examiner. See also the article in “Political Patrol;” article in the Daily Signal; and article in “pj media,” illustrating the sheer enormity of the attempt by Marxists to interject artificial language constructs on us hapless Americans, notwithstanding the crass stupidity of the attempt.

None of this bodes well for the future of America if the Democrat Party maintains its majority after the midterm elections of 2022.

Even now, Americans are seeing the rapid unraveling of their Republic taking place every day, as Marxist propaganda constantly and obnoxiously pervades newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet.

This poisonous messaging is being indelibly imprinted on the public psyche. There is no escaping it. There is no respite from it. It is a nightmare from which no American can awaken. It is brainwashing on an industrial scale: disorienting, disturbing, nauseating, and inescapable.

Given months of Marxist Democrat Party attacks on every aspect of American life, the Fourth of July Holiday—THIS July 4 Holiday—cannot help but feel incongruous.

Behind a veil of fragile inviolability, a lurking menace of a Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist takeover of our Nation looms.

Will the Independence Day Holiday remain free from Marxist Democrat defilement; will it exist next year and, if so, only because it comes PRIOR TO the 2022 midterm elections; and, if that is the case, will it exist the year after that, IF the Marxist Democrats prevail in the midterm elections, maintaining their majority in Congress? The answer is, “not likely” at least not in the sense that Independence Day will thereafter have any true import, for it will no longer have its cherished historical meaning as a Holiday of Remembrance. The Holiday would exist, if at all, only as a caricature, a pale, fleeting distant reminder for some Americans, perhaps, of what it once represented; its import eventually disappearing from memory forever because the Marxist/Globalist Counterrevolution to the American Revolution of 1776 would have succeeded.

America’s Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists must annihilate the Fourth of July Holiday because it operates each year, every year, as recognition and defiant expression of Patriots who rallied, on July 4, 1776, against the tyrannical government of Great Britain’s George III and against the power behind the throne—the Bank of Rothschild.

But for the act of brazen defiance against tyranny, the Nation that would shortly become a sovereign independent Nation-State, would not exist. And it is TYRANNY ANEW that the Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists intend to impose on Americans.

When July 4 rolls around this year, Americans will be able to demonstrate their patriotic fervor—possibly for the last time—raising the American Flag high, and many Americans will also raise historical renditions of “Old Glory,” in gratitude to the valor of the colonists,’ and of their glorious battle for liberty, and of their resounding victory against tyranny.

Once this Day of remembrance passes, though, these new enemies, the Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists will continue with their own assault on a free, sovereign, well-armed citizenry with the hope of succeeding in their assault on liberty, where an enemy overseas, had, long ago, failed. These Neo-Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists deride and defile the American flag and other emblems of our Great Nation. They will continue to undermine a free, sovereign people and a free Constitutional Republic as the Summer moves along, into late Summer and Fall when the Nation’s children return to school.

Children in many jurisdictions will be taught to hate our Country and to despise themselves if they happen to have the wrong skin color. They will be told that Independence Day has no significance other than to represent something negative, something horrible, something to be erased from ancestral memory, to be replaced with the false and poisonous idea that the Fourth of July is but a reflection of the glory of and superiority of “the white race” over an inferior “colored race.”

Many of our Nation’s public schools have a new curriculum ready for implementation for just this purpose; grounded on Marxist “Critical Race Theory” and on its twin sister, the 1619 Project. Both Marxist schemes are designed to psychologically condition and to brainwash the Nation’s youth to abhor their Country and their Country’s history, heritage, traditions, culture, and Judeo-Christian ethic.

These Marxists and Billionaire Globalist monopolists weave a distorted impression of American history, arguing erroneously that colonists in 1619 sought to foster a new Country but a Country in which “white colonists” could exploit and engage in wholesale oppression of Africans and their descendants—through the construction of an independent, sovereign “Slave Nation.” Thus, July 4 must, for these Marxists and Globalist monopolists hold no significance other than to exalt the creation of a massive institution of slavery, targeting Africans and the indigenous people of North America.

But, slavery, such as it existed, at that time, in 1619 was, at most, incidental to, not essential to the life of the inhabitants of Jamestown or to a powerful, independent sovereign Nation that would come to be, over a century later.

Slavery did continue, of course, and had its most prolific expression in “the South” because the South relied on cheap labor, “African slaves,” to fuel the engine of an agrarian society. The Industrial North had no such need for slave labor and had none and fought to deprive the South of its Agricultural engine. And when the North prevailed against the South, it commenced a terrible campaign of retribution, repression, and oppression against the “Rebels” that had dared secede from “THE UNION.”

Yet, suppose the Confederacy had defeated the Union, and seceded from the Union, what then?

In any case, slavery would have eventually ceased since, with time, slave labor would have become both inefficient and unprofitable with advances in technology. The Agricultural South, with its huge plantations, would flourish through the use of machines for farming, with no further need to rely on human beings.

To be sure, machines need to be occasionally oiled and greased, and old components changed with new ones. But machines don’t require food, clothing, housing, or medical care.

Moreover, any one machine with one operator could do substantially more work than a hundred African slaves and complete work more quickly. And with the cessation of slavery, racism would diminish and eventually dissipate, as it has done.

Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorless society would still come to fruition and the color of one’s skin would have no bearing on one’s worth as an individual. Why, then, would Marxists bother to dredge up something long since dead and buried? They would do so because it is necessary to do so if a Free Constitutional Republic is to be dismantled, and a Marxist Totalitarian Regime erected in its place.

But the Republic cannot be easily dismantled in the absence of massive social, political, and armed upheaval. And it is an upheaval that the Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists want, and it is an upheaval that the Democrat Party Leadership and the Harris-Biden Administration, at the behest of the Marxists and wealthy, powerful, ruthless Globalists, intend to accomplish.

When you gather with family and friends this Fourth of July weekend, share this valuable and timely information we are giving you. Use this Holiday to remind others that we must constantly be aware that hard-fought freedoms are never assured.

The American citizen must be aware that dangerous, jealous enemies of a free sovereign people remain within and outside the Country, ever scheming to wrest those freedoms from the citizenry and to reduce the citizenry to penury, oppression, and subjugation.

Stay heavily armed and very dangerous.

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