Victim Feared Mass Shooting by Coworker, Wanted To Be Armed

Cover Up In VA Beach: Victim Feared Mass Shooting by Coworker, Wanted To Be Armed

Virginia – -( Imagine this happening to you. Your spouse is extremely frightened that either a just-fired co-worker who made threats as he was escorted from the property or another co-worker who had shown past violent tendencies, was going to come to work and start killing people.

You tell your spouse to take a gun to work just in case. Your spouse has a gun and has had training, but ends up making the fateful decision not to break their employment agreement by bringing the gun to work.

The next day, the co-worker with violent tendencies comes to work. He has a key to secure access areas of the building, where police have no access, and ends up murdering your spouse and eleven other people.

That’s what happened to Jason Nixon, whose wife, Katherine, was murdered in cold blood. Katherine was made defenseless by the City of Virginia Beach’s employment agreement.

If the above scenario is accurate, Virginia Beach is in the middle of a coverup, as the City claims that the murderer showed no signs of being dangerous, was in good standing, and not about to be fired. And the City also apparently made no effort to increase security after the verbal threats by the fired co-worker.

(BTW, a trusted source with an inside track told me shortly before this article came out that the murderer had indeed been fired the day before and had made loud, threatening remarks as he left the property. Based on the article, I now believe the source’s inside track was not talking about the murderer, but the other employee in question.)

A litany of “what if’s” surely haunt Mr. Nixon. What if Katherine had taken that gun in her purse and defied workplace rules? What if she had called in sick that day? What if she had left work early?

All we can do is pray for Mr. Nixon and work to fix the wrong that stripped his wife of her right to protect herself. We need to outlaw “gun-free zones” once and for all. No law-abiding Virginian should be required to die helplessly at the hands of a workplace killer in order to have a job. And the government, of all employers, should be upholding the Constitution and the protections in the Bill of Rights.

Here’s an article by Kerry Dougherty on the alleged coverup by Virginia Beach:

More articles, including a call to release the employment records of the murderer:

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