Top Lead-free Ammo for Shooting And Hunting

Top Lead-free Ammo for Shooting And Hunting Image

This article talks about the top lead-free ammo for shooting and hunting. But for what reason?

Have you ever considered the type of ammunition you fire — and I’m not referring to hollow point or full metal jacket consideration? Just so you know now, there’s a lot to keep in mind when settling for ammo. 

And one of such things is whether your ammo is free from lead or not. Lead-free ammo is not only for waterfowl hunters, you see. There’s such a wide variety of lead-free options to choose from & that’s what we’ll look at today.

Why Bother About What Everyone Else Ignores?

But why should you even consider lead-free ammo? What’s wrong with a piece of piercing hollow metal made with lead? Here’s why.

If you do a lot of training or shooting, the use of lead-free ammo should appeal to you — because, honestly, it protects your health. Have you wondered why you are often admonished to wash your hands clean after a shooting session & not to touch your face until you’ve done so?

Let me tell you why: you are exposed to lead more than you think if your ammo contains ammo. According to a government study, shooters subject themselves to significant health risks through lead exposure & eventual poisoning. 

Bottom Line?

A regular shooter will always have his blood choked with lead — and that’s very unhealthy. Lead exposure from shooting has led to cases of headache, memory loss, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, joint & muscle pain, and loss of appetite.

This brings us to…

Shortlisting 3 Top Lead-free Ammo for Shooting And Hunting

States have special laws on the use of ammo. You need to go through your state laws to be sure you’re not disobeying any regulation before hitting the wild.

My picks are:

Barnes TTSX

The TSX rifle bullets by Barnes are one of the plenty lead-free options that the company produces. They are 100% free from lead, boast more than 99% weight retention, excellent accuracy & a solid ballistic coefficient. 

These bullets expand quite quickly — spilling four piercing petals into whatever your target is, courtesy of the famous blue tip. This bullet is available in various forms, from .23 to 6.5 caliber; to .338 to 458 SOCOM. 

Barnes XPB

Well, no doubt, Barnes does produce a lot of fantastic lead-free ammo, whether for rifle or handgun hunters. If you fall into the latter, the XPB is for you. 

The Barnes XPB is a copper bullet with remarkably superior accuracy & weight retention. This implies that having to reload your shots does not reduce the potency of this ammo. 

That’s that. Have you tried out handgun hunting?


Sinterfire is the biggest single-largest source of delicate bullets in the industry, and their bullets are commonly used by Honor Defense, Remington & other such companies. Fortunately, they are free of lead. 

Do not be deceived by the supposed brittleness of this ammo. The use of sintered copper alongside tin ensures that taking out game is as easily done as it is with any other ammo. 

I have taken down a 255lbs hog with a one-time shot of my .40 Smith & Wesson. Sinterfire is arguably the best performer of all frangible ammo in the market. 

Concluding the Top Lead-free Ammo for Shooting And Hunting

There are several other top lead-free ammo for shooting and hunting (remember I told you there’s a whole large world of these bullets out there). The Browning TSS is one excellent ammo to load in your firearm, the same as the Federal Ammunition (FA) Trophy Copper. Inceptor, Norma & Sig Sauer are also great options. You can’t make the excuse of not finding suitable lead-free ammo for your gun. There’s a lot to choose from to make your health better (and protect the environment too).  

What do you think?

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