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U.S.A.-( In New Mexico, on June 15, the police were pulled back, refusing to arrest people as they attempted to destroy public property. Leftist media called the situation a protest. It was a propaganda event meant to intimidate and demoralize.

Residents of the area, including local militia members, attempted to prevent the destruction of the statue.  Mindful of a hostile, leftist media, armed militia members were careful not to engage in violence, or to be baited by leftist agitators.

Steven Baca, a former political candidate, was videoed scuffling with leftists who were working to destroy the statue. He appears to have taken the bait of one or two leftist women, shoving them out of the way, or pulling/pushing one to the ground. The local militia have said Baca is not associated with them.

Baca decided to retreat from the event, perhaps after being threatened by masked leftists. He is struck with a green skateboard, wielded by a masked man in black clothes, but remains upright and continues to retreat. A group of leftists pursue him, strike him again, and knock him to the ground. As he is on the ground, being attacked, he fires a pistol four times, striking one of the attackers. One of his attackers has a skateboard. It may be the person who struck him earlier, but it is not clear.

Screenshot from Bitchute video of the event, cropped, scaled, text and arrows by Dean Weingarten

A few seconds later a person is seen running from the area, holding a skateboard.

Link to bitchute video of event

KRQE characterized the incident as militia members firing at protestors. From

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department has identified the man arrested in connection to the shooting of a protester near Old Town on Monday, June 15. Video posted to Facebook shows protesters trying to tear down the statue of conquistador Juan de Oñate on the corner of Mountain and 19th Street.

Shortly after, APD says an armed militia calling themselves the New Mexico Civil Guards fired shots at protesters. One person was hit and is now fighting for their life in the hospital.

Once police arrived at the scene in armored vehicles, cell phone video sent in after the shooting shows members of the civil guard on the ground getting handcuffed. Witnesses at the scene tell KRQE News 13 dozens of individuals called APD for help before the shooting as tensions rose but police arrived after the protester was shot. Police say the individuals were taken into custody for questioning. Tear gas was thrown by authorities into the crowd to keep people away from the scene.

The organized militia had nothing to do with the shooting, which seems to be justified self-defense.

Under American law, you are not allowed to start an altercation, then escalate it, then use deadly force and be justified in doing so.

If you are involved in an altercation, then retreat, attempting to end the altercation, you regain your ability to use force, even deadly force, in self-defense. gives a more complete picture of what happened.


Stephen Ray Baca, 31, was arrested and jailed on suspicion of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Baca was once a candidate for the Albuquerque City Council and is the son of a former Bernalillo County sheriff.

Baca had been among those trying to protect the statue when protesters “appeared to maliciously pursue him,” according to a criminal complaint. Video posted on social media showed protesters hitting Baca with a skateboard, punching him and chasing him before he opened fire.

Mayor Tim Keller said during a news conference that Baca appeared to be “agitating at the protest well before this shooting took place.” The mayor pointed to a video that showed Baca throwing a woman to the ground and said investigators were still interviewing witnesses, reviewing video and working on a full account of what happened. It wasn’t clear what precipitated the interaction with Baca and the woman.

This source contains video showing the altercation between Baca and the women at the statue. From

Witnesses and cell phone video show Stephen Ray Baca shoving several female protesters to the ground in an attempt to “protect” the statue.

Steven Baca (Steven is correct, Stephan is an error) was arrested and charged.  When the video showing the confrontation surfaced, the charges were, at least temporarily, dropped.  None of Baca’s attackers have been arrested or charged.

Mayor Keller went further. He stated he wishes to amend the New Mexico Constitution to give cities the ability to decide who may be armed, and when they would be allowed to do so.  It seems Mayor Keller is allied with the group who attacked Baca. This is how political terror works. Remove legal protections from the population; use political power to immunize the unaccountable enforcers, often designated as “community” groups.

It is difficult to do this when the victims are legally armed.

Still, Keller said he was concerned about the group and used the incident to call on state lawmakers to consider gun control measures during their next session, specifically a possible amendment to the state Constitution that would give cities the power to regulate the right to bear arms.

At the same time, the political terrorists claim the victims are evil people who must be controlled or destroyed. They are the designated scapegoats, who are allowed to be attacked and victimized.

Why haven’t any of the people who attacked Baca been arrested? Until they are, the working assumption is because they are political allies of Mayor Keller.

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