How to Make Your Own Ammo

How To Make Your Own Ammo

make your own ammo

Whether you are looking to save a little money or have a supply on hand, making your own ammo is a handy ability to have.  Many gun owners shy away from making their own ammo either out of cost or caution.  However, handloading your own ammo can be both a safe and cost-effective endeavor.

It really comes down to whether you want to keep shelling out the increasing cost of ammo, or if you want to invest in a few supplies and have ammo on hand at all times.  If you consider going the route of handloading, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Making Your Bullets

When it comes to handloading, the same components apply as those in commercial bullets:  primer, powder, bullet—complete!  The only real difference is that when one reloads a bullet, they are taking a spent case, cleaning it up, adding a new primer, new powder, then topping it all off with a brand-new bullet.

When it comes to the one-time purchase of your equipped, it is highly recommended that you get your gear all in one package.  Although many companies offer just about every piece you will need for reloading, you still may need to pick up items like primer brushes, a tumbler, and a lube pad separately.

Let’s take a look at the steps required to reload your ammo.

  • Cleaning The Brass

You will need to have a tumbler on hand, as this will make the overall process of cleaning the brass go much quicker.  Once you have your brass shells clean, you will want to place them on a lube pad and make sure to rub them down really well.

  • Removing Used Primers

Next, you are going to need to get rid of any remaining used primer.  You will need a high-quality single stage press for this step, which allows you to simply load the spent shell, pull the lever down, and repeat until clean.  Keep in mind that the function of a single-stage press is to perform one reloading function at a time.  You will then use your brush to remove any burnt powder.

  • Repriming

You will have multiple options as to how you would like to reprime the shells.  The most common choice is that of a hand priming tool.  With this step, you will be able to ensure that the shell has been properly cleaned in the previous step.

  • Now For The Bang

Adding the powder, at this stage, is what makes all the magic happen.  It is what propels the bullet from the casing.  It is of vital that the proper amount of power be added as if the amount is off the result could be dangerous and life-threatening.

  • Running It Through

Using the level, pull down.  Each pull will advance the bullet to the next function.  After you have dropped the powder in, position the bullet on and once again pull the lever.  This will then secure the bullet to the casing.  One last pull on the lever and the shell will crimp down on the bullet at the proper depth.

And there you have it.  You have been successful in making your own ammo.  If nothing else, the security and peace of mind that knowing if an SHTF event should occur, and the ammo shelves are empty, you will still have a stockpile of ammo available.

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