Concealed Carry Laws Don’t Increase Crime, Say Experts


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The debate over concealed carry weapon (CCW) laws is as heated as ever. With out-of-control crime and a flood of illegal alien criminals, citizen concealed carry is needed now more than ever, as recent self-defense events illustrate. Well-funded Gun control advocates tirelessly argue that these laws lead to more crime, but a new research paper “How Does Concealed Carrying of Weapons Affect Violent Crime?” by John R. Lott and Carlisle E. Moody is making waves by challenging these claims head-on. Here’s what you need to know about their findings, especially if you support gun rights.

The Claims: More Concealed Carry Holders, More Crime?

Anti-gun activists often say that right-to-carry laws, which allow citizens to carry concealed firearms, lead to two main problems:

  1. More Stolen Guns: They argue that more people carrying permitted guns means more chances for those guns to be stolen and end up in the hands of criminals.
  2. Interference with Police: They claim that armed citizens make it harder for police to do their jobs, reducing their effectiveness and potentially increasing crime.

The Research: Setting the Record Straight

Lott and Moody set out to test these claims using solid data. Their research doesn’t just lump all CCW laws together. Instead, they look at specific factors, like the percentage of the adult population with a permit and the number of stolen guns in each state. Here’s what they found:

  1. Stolen Guns: Using data Lott and Moody obtained with help from Congressman Thomas Massie, the study shows that CCW permit holders are NOT a significant source of stolen guns. The research found that the coefficients on CCW permits per capita were approximately ZERO, meaning there was no significant relationship between the number of permits and the number of stolen guns. This slam closed the argument that more CCW permits equal more guns for criminals.
  2. Police Effectiveness: The study also found NO evidence that CCW permit holders reduce police effectiveness. The clearance rates (arrest rates) for violent crimes, such as murder, rape, robbery, and assault, showed no significant difference related to the number of CCW permits. In fact, many law enforcement officers believe that armed citizens can help reduce crime. This directly counters the claim that more people carrying guns make it harder for the police to do their jobs.

Supporting Data

  • Revocation Rates: In the 19 states with comprehensive data, the average revocation rate of CCW permits for any reason is one-tenth of 1%. This indicates that permit holders are highly law-abiding.
  • Driving Violations: Data from Michigan shows that non-permit holders are 2.4 times more likely to drive drunk, 34.1 times more likely to drive under the influence of a controlled substance, and 10.6 times more likely to drive recklessly compared to permit holders.
  • Police Opinion: A 2013 survey by PoliceOne found that 76% of law enforcement officers believe legally armed citizens are very or extremely important in reducing crime. Additionally, 91.3% support civilians carrying firearms if they haven’t been convicted of a felony or deemed psychologically incapable.

Why This Matters

For gun rights supporters, this research is a big deal. It provides strong evidence that right-to-carry laws don’t lead to the negative outcomes that anti-gun activists claim. Instead, it supports the idea that law-abiding citizens carrying firearms can coexist with effective policing without increasing crime rates.

John Lott summed it up well: “Carl Moody and I have put together a new research paper that examines the two major reasons that gun control advocates use to claim right-to-carry laws can increase crime. We use data on the percent of the adult population with a permit, separate Constitutional Carry laws, and have data on the number of guns stolen. We must thank Congressman Thomas Massie for getting us the data on the number of guns stolen by state. I hope that you will download and read the paper. The more downloads it receives, the more you will force the researchers on the other side to respond to our research.”

The Takeaway

This research is a breath of fresh air for gun rights advocates. It debunks common myths about the dangers of right-to-carry laws and highlights the responsible nature of CCW permit holders. If you’re passionate about the Second Amendment, this paper is a must-read. Download it (the more downloads it receives, the more you will force the researchers on the other side to respond to the reach), share it, and help spread the truth about concealed carry laws.

Stay informed, stay safe, and continue to stand up for your rights.

How does concealed carrying of weapons affect violent crime?

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