Bullpups Checkered-Status & Rise of Knight’s Armament KS1


SA80 A2 (L85A2) 5.56mm Rifle fitted with the ELCAN SpecterOS 4x and Shut Quarter Battlesight (CQB). IMG By Picture: Stuart Hill/UK Ministry of Defence 2017, OGL 3.

“We all know that they’re mendacity, and so they know that they’re mendacity. They even know that we all know they’re mendacity. We additionally know that they know we all know they’re mendacity too. They in fact, know that we actually know they know we all know they’re mendacity too as effectively, however they nonetheless lie!

Within the USSR, the lie has grow to be not simply ethical class, however the pillar trade of this nation.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

And never simply within the as soon as mighty USSR!

Bullpups might not be the development anymore.

Since 1985, the UK’s army forces have been armed with the checkered-reputation SA80 Bullpup Rifle (L85). This rifle instantly bumped into bother upon the primary challenge, with poor reliability and elements breakage rendering all of it however unusable.

The bureaucratic response to innumerable poor evaluations was automated and predictable:

First, full denial. Then, much less convincing denial. Then cover-up. Lastly, accusations, career-protection, and finger-pointing. It occurs each time some new venture goes south.

Once they may not persuasively deny that the SA80 was a chunk of trash, the UK employed H&Okay to “repair the issues.” H&Okay then basically gutted all the rifle and changed almost each half.

Since H&Okay’s “repair,” the SA80 has really run fairly effectively, however the harm has been carried out.

SA80’s discredited fame has by no means been revived, and the SA80 has thus by no means been exported. Nobody needs it. They nonetheless don’t!

Simply introduced is the substitute:

Knight’s Armament KS1 (5.56×45), which seems an terrible lot like an H&K 416!

The KS1 contains a built-in suppressor and complicated optic, and in contrast to the SA80, the KS1 is definitely designed and constructed by a “gun firm” (of which don’t exist within the UK anymore)

Specs required the brand new UK rifle to characteristic a “standard format,” i.e., {a magazine} effectively earlier than the pistol grip. No bullpup was thought-about!

It appears the bullpup format (journal behind the pistol grip) was by no means widespread with UK troopers.

So, the SA80 is now historical past and basically scrap steel because the UK can’t give them away! Apparently, the brand new rifle caliber lately adopted by the Pentagon (6.8×51, or “277 Fury”) apparently has no following within the UK nor inside the remainder of NATO.

Present bullpups, particularly Israel’s Tavor and Croatia’s VHS2 (Hellion), proceed to be issued and widespread with native troops. I’ve had each in Courses, and each run effectively and are very acceptable.

Nonetheless, the “standard format” has its adherents, too, as we see.

The ultimate chapter is but to be written!


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