ATF’s War on Privately Made Guns Based on Fake Numbers ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -( I’m Charlie Cook and welcome to another Ammoland News Second Amendment Update.

Was the ATF’s war on privately manufactured firearms based on bad information?

That is the question that AmmoLand News wants to be answered.

For a bit of background…. the ATF’s attack on unfinished frames and receivers was largely based on the work of former Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Division, Carlos A. Canino.

Special Agent Canino told the Bloomberg-funded propaganda website,, the Trace,,, that 41% of all firearms recovered were “ghost guns.”

But was that number truely accurate?

That is what the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project wanted to know. So, they reached out to the ATF to get answers. And to their credit. ATF’s Public Affairs Spokesperson, Erik Longnecker, actually answered SAF’s email.

Longnecker stated that he contacted the ATF’s LA Field Division, the source of the suspicious number, but they could not verify Canino’s wild claim.

Keep in mind this now unverifiable data is what kicked off the BIDEN-ATF war against homemade firearms.

This bogus information will shut down American companies and cost 1000s of people their jobs when the new rule surrounding homemade guns is unveiled later this month. More importantly, Americans will be severely hampered in their ability to make their own guns because of bad data.

So, what is the point of pushing flawed data?

Well, that question is easy to answer. The gun grabbers want to confuse & conflate stolen guns with obliterated serial numbers,,, with perfectly legal homemade firearms. That way, they can demonize a historical American tradition and push for it to be banned.

The ATF teaming up and providing unverifiable information to the propaganda arm of the Bloomberg anti-gun machine is just another example of why it is time to defund and disband the out-of-control government agency.

One of the main problems with the data about unserialized firearms is that most statistics do not separate home-built firearms from factory-made guns that had the serial numbers scratched off. Most cops have never even seen a gun made from an 80% kit show up at a crime scene. It is easier for criminals to buy a stolen gun on a street corner than it is to build a pistol from a Polymer80 kit.

It is part of the gun-grabbers playbook.

When they didn’t like bump stocks, they exploited a tragedy to empower the ATF to change the rules to ban the device. These underhanded tactics aren’t new. This is what they do.

What do you think?  Should the ATF be disbanded?

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