1824 College of Virginia Pupil Gun Ban Defined, Not What Anti-Gunners Assume

1824 College of Virginia Pupil Gun Ban Defined, Not What Anti-Gunners Assume iStock-1325577459

A lot has been product of an 1824 College of Virginia ban on the protecting of weapons on campus by college students. The decision was handed on October 4, 1824, about 5 months earlier than courses had been began on the College. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, each former presidents and elder statesmen, had been members of the board and attended when the resolutions had been handed. Each had been to die on July 4th, 1826, one 12 months and 9 months later.

The parts of the resolutions regarding weapons are contained on this excerpt, with the weapons passages in bold:

No Pupil shall admit any disturbing noises in his room, or make them any the place throughout the precincts the College, or hearth a gun or pistol throughout the similar, on ache of such minor sentence as the school shall decree or approve. however the correct use of musical devices, shall be freely allowed of their rooms, and in that appropriated for instruction of music.

Riotous, disorderly, intemperate or indecent conduct of any pupil throughout the precincts shall be punished by interdiction of a residence throughout the precincts; and repetitions of such offences, by expulsion from the College.

Combating with weapons which can inflict loss of life, or a problem to such struggle, given or accepted, shall be punished by prompt expulsion from the College
, not remissible by the College; and it shall be the responsibility of the Proctor to present info thereof to the civil Justice of the Peace, that the events could also be handled in line with legislation.

Offences cognisable by the legal guidelines of the land shall be left to the cognisance of the civil Justice of the Peace, if claimed by him, or in any other case to the judgment of the College: all others to that of the College. and such of those as are usually not specifically designated within the enactments of the Guests could also be subjected by the College to any of the minor punishments permitted by these enactments.

Sentences of expulsion from the College (besides within the case of problem or fight with arms) shall not be closing till accepted by the board of Guests or, when they aren’t in session, by a majority of them, individually consulted. however residence throughout the precincts, and attendance on the faculties could also be suspended in the meanwhile.

No Pupil shall, throughout the precincts of the College, introduce, hold or use any spirituous or vinous liquors, hold or use weapons or arms of any sort, or gunpowder, hold a servant, horse or canine, seem at school with a stick, or any weapon, nor, whereas at school, be lined with out permission of the Professor, nor use tobacco by smoking or chewing, on ache of any of the minor punishments on the discretion of the College, or of the board of Censors, accepted by the College.

A number of issues concerning the ban on all weapons on the College of Virginia are clear. The ban solely utilized to college students. It didn’t apply to employees or to the general public. The ban solely utilized on campus. The ban didn’t have any legal penalties. It was a rule of the College, with penalties solely enforceable as a result of the scholars had voluntarily entered right into a voluntary affiliation, that of scholars on the College.

Individuals who try and justify fashionable bans on firearms at faculties or universities typically cite the College of Virginia rule as a historic precedent. It’s a poor precedent as a result of:

  • The College of Virginia ban was not a legislation.
  • It was a rule which solely utilized to college students.
  • The College of Virginia ban solely utilized “throughout the precincts of the College“.

Voluntary associations could make their very own guidelines. If an individual doesn’t like the foundations, they’ll depart the affiliation. College students can learn the foundations earlier than they enter a college. Legal guidelines are to use to everybody.

Within the Constitutional problem to the federal Gun Free Faculty Zone Act in Montana, the Assistant United States Lawyer, Thomas Ok. Godfrey claims the College of Virginia ban on weapons possession by college students is a precedent. From the brief:

1824. The College of Virginia Board of Guests—whose six members included Thomas Jefferson and James Madison—resolved that: “No Pupil shall, throughout the precincts of the College, … hold or use weapons or arms of any sort, or gunpowder[.]” UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA BOARD OF VISITORS MINUTES, at 6-7 (Oct. 1824).

Bans on college students possessing weapons throughout the precincts of the College are usually not a precedent for bans on everybody possessing firearms exterior of a college.

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