Unique Gun Laws Across American States

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Certain unique gun laws across American States may surprise, amuse, or leave you peeved. This is because gun rules are often similar in clauses across the US. Issues like the seal to conceal carry and places you can carry a gun to are usually the same throughout the country. But not in the states we are to look at below. Let’s see what we mean.

Shortlisting The Unique Gun Laws Across American States


There are no limits to living for Alaskans, as one can tell from their dangerous, roaming wildlife and gangster life. It is difficult to draw a line between what Alaskans can and cannot do. It’s practically the modern-day Wild West Guns. 

This reflects just right in their firearm laws. In Alaska, you can buy and own a handgun legally without any permit or certification. Just walk into any gun dealership and make a choice. It’s that simple. However, if you have to travel out of the state, a permit can be obtained to prove legal ownership.


Cali is famous, or perhaps infamous, for its loads and loads of firearm regulations. One should therefore expect anything, but I found a specific law astonishing:

California law does not prohibit CCW holders from carrying in a private business establishment, even if they post a sign and/or search people entering.  However, they are within their rights to ask you to leave (temporarily or permanently) if they find out – and you are trespassing if you don’t leave after being asked.”

This law means that you can take your gun to a place where others have guns and yet be asked to put yours away. I’d always thought the same laws apply to everyone when it comes to places we can carry guns to.


It may seem that the states starting with C have a penchant for weird laws. In Connecticut, you must have a CCW permit before carrying a gun anywhere. This may sound okay until you realize that this “anywhere” includes your own house or any property. This permit is also necessary to transport a gun.

One may assume that Connecticut is stringent on its firearm rulings, but you can see this isn’t the issue when you come across the section below:

“It is unlawful to possess a firearm on public or private elementary or secondary school property.  This prohibition shall not apply to a person with a firearm carrying permit, with permission from school officials, or while traversing school property with an unloaded firearm to gain access to lands open to hunting or for other lawful purposes, provided entry is not prohibited by school officials.”

Yes, you read that right. Connecticut allows you to carry a gun to school. Read that again.

New Hampshire

As a resident of New Hampshire, you can conceal carry without any permit. That’s a lot of freedom, which I think can be disastrous when exploited by scums.

Concluding The Unique Gun Laws Across American States

As you will now agree, the above-mentioned unique gun laws across American states are quite surprising. Whenever I remember that anyone can carry a gun into a school in Connecticut, I say a word of prayer. 

What do you think?

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