Protecting Our Liberties And Our Right To Bear Arms

right to bear arms

Over the years, there have been various shootings in the news that once again fire up the debate of the American Constitution and the right to bear arms.  As such, the US Supreme Court has rules, in the past eleven years alone, that our right arms are a liberty that was here long before the current political stance.

The 2nd Amendment categorizes this right as one of the highest that is recognized by law.  Right up there with other freedoms such as thought, speech, and personality.  With this comes that recognition, by those of the court, that those who originally framed our country’s Constitution did not choose to bestow this right onto us.

No, they saw it as an excepted pre-existing belief that was an extension of our rights, as humans, to engage in our self-defense.  And as a result, it was forbidden by any level of government—either state or federal—to try and infringe on this right.

With this said, it would be exceedingly unconstitutional and overall un-American for the law-abiding residents of the US to be expected to willingly surrender the rifle that they own legally, and use in a safe manner, just because others have chosen to use that same type of gun with criminal intent.

This move would be nothing less than irrational.  If an individual is willing to use a weapon for criminal intent, taking the lives of innocents or law enforcement, then they will have no qualms with possessing a weapon that is prohibited by either state or federal law.

So the question is:  can the government constitutionally outlaw the weapons that are used in mass shootings and attacks.  The answer is: No.  This was established by the Supreme Court when it upheld the right of an individual to keep and bear arms.  The same court ruled that we are protected by the Second Amendment in that we have the right to ownership of the same types of weapons that the bad guys, or even the government, have.

Yep, that is right. It said the same as the government as well.  Why is this you may ask.  Simply because the 2nd Amendment was not crafted as a solemn right to shoot deer.  No, it was crafted so that the citizens of the great state would be able to protect their family, their property, and even their right to liberty from any tyrants or their representatives that may try to infringe upon those given rights

You will hear those who wish to take away those fundamental rights spout rhetoric that that was then, and this is now.  That in today’s world, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t come into play.  But, I say it does.  It was one of many laws that this great country was founded on when our founding fathers were fleeing England.  Why did they flee?  Because they felt they had no rights, and what few they had were being taken away.  That is why they drafted the Constitution so that those same mistakes would not be made here.

Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment, and the right to bear arms, are in a battle for its very existence.  More people need to wake up and notice what is going on around them before they lose one of the most basic rights bestowed onto man.

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